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10 Best Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance India 2020

Not sure whether to buy a bumper to bumper car insurance or a comprehensive car insurance plan for your 4-wheeler? Every year all car owners must have to renew their car insurance policy. And most of them try to buy a cheap plan to save money, a majority feels that a car insurance policy is only to save them to avoid traffic police fine.

Best Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance India 2020

What is bumper to bumper coverage?

When you purchase a new car, it really hurts to see even a small scratch on it. Only with the help of a bumper to bumper car insurance in India, you can keep all your worries at bay. Also known as Zero Depreciation Car Insurance policy.

As the name suggests, a bumper to bumper car insurance covers almost everything in between the vehicle’s front bumpers and back bumpers. This means that if the oil is leaking or the engine quits, you can get the car repaired without paying for the repair.

This kind of policy offers comprehensive coverage excluding the depreciation factor. If you compare both comprehensive vs bumper to bumper insurance, there are a couple of points you can understand.
  • Premium is low for comprehensive, as bumper to bumper covers 100% cost the premium is high.
  • Number claim is unlimited for comprehensive, for bumper to bumper depends upon the insurance company.
  • You can claim 100% of the plastics parts, when in case of comprehensive only 50%.
  • Usually covers new cars up to 5 years in case of zero DEP cover.
What is covered under zero depreciation car insurance? You can check out a detailed guide on this to understand the coverages. There are various online calculators available to find out how much premium you have to pay. Few of them are:
Note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies. Just sharing this information here for information and knowledge purpose only.

Top 10 Car Insurance Policy in India With Zero Depreciation Cover (Bumper To Bumper)

But with so many insurance providers offering such policies, it can be difficult for a first-time buyer to select the right bumper to bumper car insurance. You can easily check their premiums and find out the bumper to bumper car insurance quotes online. But which bumper to bumper insurance is more popular and helpful?

Thus, to help you out we have listed 10 of the best zero depreciation policies in India below.

10. Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram has more than 3000 garages throughout the country. The insurance owner can easily get their cars repaired without paying any money. It also offers free roadside assistance and a 100% invoice price insurance cover. While the policy is slightly more expensive than other policies on this list, it is still a very popular choice in India.

9. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

With Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, you can go for its Drive Assure Economy or Drive Assure Economy Plus add-on package to enjoy depreciation-free benefits. The features of these packages include
  • cover for engine
  • locks and key replacement
  • 24x7 spot assistance
  • cover for personal baggage

8. TATA AIG General Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy

With the Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy from TATA AIG, you can opt for many add-on covers like Engine Secure, Depreciation Reimbursement, Tyre Secure, Key Replacement, etc. It comes with a number of benefits too, like
  • direct settlement facility
  • free pick-up for repair
  • 7 days claim settlement
  • up to 6 months accident-repair warranty

7. Bharti AXA Car Insurance

With the depreciation cover of Bharti AXA Car Insurance, all the parts of your car would be completely covered without considering the depreciation at the time of settlement. Right from the metal parts, plastic to fiberglass, it will offer coverage for almost everything. Moreover, you can make a total of 2 claims within the policy tenure.

6. Chola MS Motor Insurance

If the best add-on covers are what you are looking for with a 3rd party personal liability and property damage insurance policy, the Motor Insurance from Chola MS is surely a great option. It comes with several covers
  • fixed daily allowance
  • reinstatement value
  • cover for personal belongings

5. Reliance General Car Insurance

If you have purchased a new car and are looking for the best bumper to bumper car insurance in India, Reliance General Car Insurance can be a great choice. The additional cover with the policy will offer several benefits like significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses in case of damage or accident, etc.

4. Future Generali Car Insurance

Future Generali Car Insurance to comes with a number of benefits and features. It offers
  • towing assistance
  • 7 days claim settlement
  • 2500+ network garages for cashless settlement
  • personalized touchpoints with Future Xpress and Future Xpress+ claim process

3. HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

If you are looking for an affordable bumper to bumper car insurance, HDFC Ergo can be a great choice. The insurance provider has an extensive network of more than 3400 garages throughout the country and offers excellent discounts, like no claim bonus, discounts if you are a member of the Automobile Association, etc.

2.SBI General Motor Private Car Insurance

Motor Private Car Insurance from SBI General covers the compulsory 3rd party liability which is compulsory in India. You can also pay a slightly higher premium to enjoy benefits like
  • additional legal liabilities towards paid drivers and employees
  • zero depreciation
  • return to invoice
  • cover for key replacement

1. ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

The car insurance offered by ICICI Lombard also comes with an optional zero depreciation cover to guarantee full claim without any deduction. ICICI also offers an extensive range of features and benefits
  • cashless repair throughout its network of more than 3300 garages
  • cashless claim settlement
  • roadside assistance
  • 24x7 customer assistance
Pick one from the above-mentioned bumper to bumper car insurance in India to ensure that your new car is well-protected from accidents and damages.

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