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3 Corona virus Insurance Plans in India 2020 (Health & Life Insurance Plans Covering Convid-19)

Coronavirus has created a huge panic in the world as the number of infected patients & the number of deaths is increasing day by day. At this time, this is obvious that people are looking for coronavirus insurance policies to cover them in case they got infected by the Covid-19 virus.

In this post, I am going to share some insurance policies in India who are offering coronavirus insurance policies with few benefits. There are many situations under which you can claim your expenses related to coronavirus treatment and few cases they may not get covered. So, make sure to analyze these insurance policies and know the terms & conditions carefully before purchasing.

Corona virus Insurance Plans in India
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Top 3 Coronavirus Insurance Plans in India 2020

If you have term insurance policies & health insurance policies, then the first thing you must do is to ask your insurer this question. Whether death due to coronavirus is covered under your life insurance policies. Or is coronavirus treatment covered under your existing health insurance policy or not. This way you will get the right information.

In many cases, your existing insurance policy will cover treatment related to coronavirus. But again, there may be many clauses as this is a new inclusion. So better to enquire properly and understand the terms & conditions carefully.

Anyway, here are a few of the insurance plans that are providing coronavirus insurance coverage. let's explore them one by one. The source of this information is

ICICI Lombard COVID-19 Protection Cover

ICICI Lombard is one of India's popular life insurance companies. They have introduced a coronavirus policy called, ‘COVID-19 Protection Cover’. This policy will cover 100% claims if you are declared COVID-19 positive, irrespective of hospitalization expenses.

  • There will be a waiting period of 14 days.
  • The policy will provide protection cover for people across the age group of 18 to 75 years, including senior citizens who are mostly affected.
  • If you have any travel history outside India after December 31, 2019, then you will not get any coverage.
  • For the sum insured of Rs 25,000, policyholders need to pay a premium of Rs 149.
  • You can also avail of some additional features like value-added benefits such as Virtual assistance and Health Assistance through chat, ambulance assistance, and teleconsultation as part of their plan offering.

Star Novel Coronavirus Insurance Policy

Star Health and Allied Insurance have launched their first coronavirus plan in India,  ‘Star Novel Coronavirus Insurance Policy’. If you are a person from age 18-65 and found Covid-19 positive then your hospitalization expenses will be covered under this policy.

  • This policy will not check your travel history outside India.
  • This policy comes under 2 sum insured options – Rs 21,000 and Rs 42,000. 
  • The premium is set at Rs 459 for a sum insured of Rs 21,000 and Rs 918 for a sum insured of Rs 42000.

Digit Health Coronavirus Health Insurance

Built under the Digit Health Care Plus health insurance product and filed under IRDAI’s Sandbox Regulations, this health insurance policy will provide flat benefit cover, for both positive and quarantined cases.

  • For quarantined cases, 50%  of the sum insured will be paid, while for positive cases, 100% of the sum insured will be paid.
  • This policy will also cover your ongoing treatment costs as well.
  • It will provide coverage up to Rs 2 lakh, starting with a sum insured of Rs 25,000. 
  • For the sum insured of Rs 25,000, the premium is set at Rs 299, for a 30-year old.

Should I Buy Coronavirus Insurance Plan in India 2020

If you don't have any health insurance coverage & term insurance protection, then you must buy a term plan. At the same time also buy a health insurance policy with critical illness coverage. I am sure in the coming days almost all health insurance policies will include coronavirus treatment. But you must enquire specifically about coronavirus insurance coverage whichever insurance plan you are going to buying coming days.

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