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How To Add Beneficiary In HDFC Bank To Transfer Funds

If you want to add beneficiary in HDFC Bank Online, using your HDFC net banking access then this guide will help you to do that. It is good to add someone's bank account as a beneficiary in case you will do regular money transfer between that account.

Otherwise, you can directly pay to that account without adding as a beneficiary using the IMPS transfer. But I always prefer to add beneficiary and then transfer money from the HDFC bank account to any other account.

How To Add Beneficiary In HDFC Bank 2020
How To Add Beneficiary In HDFC Bank 2020

Ask These Details Before Adding Beneficiary In HDFC Bank 

So, you need couple of details to add someone's bank account as beneficiary with the HDFC account. In case that account is from HDFC itself, you may not need all that information. But for a safe & secure transaction make sure to ask all these below information before adding beneficiary.

  • IFSC code 
  • Bank name (If not HDFC) 
  • Bank location / Branch
  • Name as per bank account 

Steps to add beneficiary in HDFC Account to transfer funds

Step 1: First of all you have to Log in to your HDFC net banking using your customer ID and password. Make sure to log in from a secure mobile phone or laptop.

Step 2: Next, Click on 'Third Party Transfer'

Step 3:  On that tab, you will find an option named Add beneficiary

Step 4: There will be multiple options like same bank or a different bank. Select the type of beneficiary depending on the bank account. Note that if the beneficiary is a non-HDFC account holder, then select Transfer to other Bank/Credit Card Beneficiary".

Step 5: Fill all the necessary details like beneficiary name, bank name, IFSC code, transaction limit, etc.

Step 6: Finally click on the Confirm button.

Step 7: As soon as you click, you will get an OTP on your HDFC Net Banking Linked Registered Mobile number. Just use the OTP to approve the beneficiary.

Once all the process is complete, the page informs you that the addition of the beneficiary is complete and it will take a maximum of 24 hours to add and approve. This is the step by step guide to add beneficiary in HDFC bank account to transfer money. After that, you can happily transfer money.

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