Indian Overseas Bank Car Loan Interest Rates, Eligibility, Documents, FAQs

Purchasing a car is a significant milestone for many individuals and families. However, the cost associated with buying a car can be substantial. This is where car loans come into the picture, making it easier for people to fulfill their dreams of owning a vehicle. Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) is a renowned financial institution that provides car loans to help individuals purchase their desired vehicles. In this blog post, we will explore the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about IOB car loan interest rates, shedding light on the crucial aspects of getting a car loan from this bank.

Indian Overseas Bank Car Loan Interest Rates

Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) Car Loan Interest Rates 2023

FeaturesNew Car LoanUsed Car Loan
Interest rate10.05% p.a.Up to Rs.10 lakh: 11.05% p.a.Above Rs.10 lakh: 12.05% p.a.
Quantum of financeUp to 90% of the price of the carUp to 75% of the current market price of the car
Loan tenure84 months84 months minus the age of the car
Processing feeUp to Rs.5 lakh: 0.50 % (minimum of Rs.500)Above Rs.5 lakh: 0.60 % (maximum of Rs.10,000)

Indian Overseas Bank Car Loan Interest Rates FAQs

1. What are the interest rates offered by Indian Overseas Bank for car loans?

Indian Overseas Bank offers competitive interest rates on car loans, which vary based on the loan amount and tenure. The interest rates generally range from 7.35% to 9.35%. However, it's important to note that interest rates are subject to change based on market conditions and the bank's policies. Therefore, checking with the bank for the most up-to-date information is advisable.

2. Are IOB car loan interest rates fixed or floating?

IOB car loan interest rates can be fixed or floating, depending on the customer's preference. Fixed interest rates remain constant throughout the loan tenure, ensuring a predictable repayment schedule. On the other hand, floating interest rates are linked to external benchmark rates and may fluctuate over time. Borrowers can choose the type of interest rate that suits their financial requirements and risk appetite.

3. Do IOB car loan interest rates differ for new and used cars?

Yes, IOB car loan interest rates may vary based on whether the loan is for a new or used car. Generally, the interest rates for used car loans are slightly higher than those for new cars. This difference is attributed to the fact that used cars have a higher risk associated with them due to wear and tear, maintenance costs, and depreciation. Thus, it is essential to consider this factor while applying for a car loan from IOB.

4. Can I negotiate the interest rate offered by IOB?

While IOB offers competitive interest rates, it may be possible to negotiate the rate based on various factors. Factors such as the applicant's creditworthiness, relationship with the bank, loan amount, and down payment can influence the final interest rate. Having a good credit score and a stable financial background is advisable to improve your chances of negotiating a lower interest rate.

5. What factors affect the interest rate on an IOB car loan?

Several factors influence the interest rate on an IOB car loan, including the loan amount, loan tenure, borrower's credit score, type of car (new or used), down payment amount, and prevailing market conditions. Higher loan amounts or longer tenures may attract slightly higher interest rates. Similarly, a good credit score, a larger down payment, and a stable income can help secure a lower interest rate.

6. Does IOB offer any special schemes or discounts on car loans?

Indian Overseas Bank periodically introduces special schemes and discounts on car loans to attract customers. These offers may include lower interest rates, reduced processing fees, or flexible repayment options. It is recommended to keep an eye on IOB's official website or contact the bank directly to stay updated on any ongoing promotional offers.


Indian Overseas Bank provides car loans with competitive interest rates, enabling individuals to fulfill their dream of owning a car. It is essential to consider the interest rates, loan tenure, loan amount, and other factors before availing a car loan from IOB. By understanding the FAQs surrounding IOB car loan interest rates, individuals can make informed decisions and choose the best loan option that aligns with their financial goals and capabilities. Remember to stay updated with the latest information from the bank and explore any special schemes or discounts that may further enhance your car loan experience with Indian Overseas Bank.

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