Indian Overseas Bank FD Interest Rates, Eligibility, Documents, FAQs

Fixed Deposits (FDs) have long been a popular investment choice for individuals in India seeking a secure and reliable means of growing their savings. Among the many banks offering FDs, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) is a trusted institution with a rich history. In this blog post, we will explore the various aspects of Indian Overseas Bank FD Rates, including the interest rates, tenure options, and other relevant details to help you make an informed investment decision.

Indian Overseas Bank FD Interest Rates

Indian Overseas Bank:

Established in 1937, Indian Overseas Bank is a renowned public sector bank headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Over the years, the bank has built a strong reputation for its customer-centric approach and a wide range of financial products and services, including fixed deposits.

IOB FD Interest Rates 2023

Indian Overseas Bank offers competitive interest rates on its fixed deposits, ensuring customers enjoy stable investment returns. The interest rates are subject to periodic revisions per market conditions and the Reserve Bank of India's directives. It is crucial to check the current rates at the time of investing. IOB offers different interest rates for regular customers and senior citizens.

Period of DepositExisting Rates
For Deposits below Rs. 2 Crore
W.E.F 10.02.2023 (in %)
Revised Rates
For Deposits below Rs. 2 Crore
W.E.F 10.04.2023 (in %)
7-14 Days *4.54.00
15-29 Days4.54.00
30-45 Days4.54.25
46-60 Days4.754.25
61-90 Days4.754.25
91-120 Days4.24.50
121-179 Days4.24.50
180-269 Days4.854.95
270 Days to < 1 Year5.255.35
1 Year to < 2 Years
(Except 444 Days)
444 Days77.25
2 Years to < 3 Years6.46.80
3 Years and Above6.56.50

* Minimum Amount Rs. 1.00 Lakh

  • Interest rate for IOB Tax Saver Deposit will remain unchanged at 6.50%.
  • For Senior Citizens Additional Rate of 0.50% and for Super Senior Citizens (aged 80 years and above) Additional Rate of 0.75%continues.
  • For Retired Staff, applicable interest rate will continue to be governed by the decisions taken by ALCO in its meeting No-04/2019-20 held on 08.07.2019.

The Revised Interest Rates on NRE Retail Term Deposit w.e.f 10.04.2023 are as follows:

Period of DepositExisting Rates
For Deposits below Rs. 2 Crore
w.e.f. 10.02.2023 (in %)
Revised Rates
For Deposits below Rs. 2 Crore
w.e.f. 10.04.2023 (in %)
1 Year to < 2 Years(Except 444 days)6.456.50
444 Days7.007.25
2 Years to < 3 Years6.406.80
3 Years and Above6.506.50

For Deposits of Rs. 2 Crore and Above

For Deposits of Rs. 2 Crore and Above, Branch has to take Prior Permission for Rate of Interest from the Treasury Department, Central Office.

Fore Closure Charges

DescriptionFore Closure Charges
Retail Term Deposits upto Rs. 15000/-NIL
Retail Term Deposits of Rs. 15,001/- up to Rs. 5 Lakh0.50%
Retail Term Deposits Above Rs. 5 Lakh but Below Rs. 2 Crore1.00%
Bulk Deposits of Rs. 2 Crore & Above1.00%

Tenure Options:

IOB provides flexibility in terms of tenure options for fixed deposits. The bank offers tenures ranging from 7 days to 10 years, allowing investors to choose a duration that aligns with their financial goals and liquidity requirements. Whether you need a short-term investment for immediate funds or a long-term plan for wealth accumulation, Indian Overseas Bank has you covered.

Minimum Deposit Amount:

To open an FD with Indian Overseas Bank, there is a minimum deposit requirement. The bank specifies the minimum deposit amount, which may vary based on the type of FD and tenure chosen. Verifying the current minimum deposit requirement at investment time is advisable.

Interest Payment Frequency:

Indian Overseas Bank offers different options for interest payment frequency. Investors can receive monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or cumulative interest payouts at maturity. The choice of interest payment frequency depends on your financial goals and cash flow requirements.

Premature Withdrawal:

In case of unforeseen circumstances or urgent financial needs, IOB allows premature withdrawal of fixed deposits. However, sudden withdrawal may attract a penalty in the form of a reduced interest rate. The bank's policy on early withdrawal should be thoroughly understood before making any decisions to avoid surprises.

Tax Implications:

Interest earned on fixed deposits is subject to income tax as per prevailing tax laws in India. The bank may deduct TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on interest payments if the interest amount exceeds a certain threshold. It is essential to consider the tax implications and plan your investments accordingly.

Safety and Security:

Indian Overseas Bank is a government-owned bank that provides a sense of security to its customers. It is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and adheres to stringent norms and guidelines, ensuring the safety of deposited funds. FDs with IOB are considered a safe investment option.


Indian Overseas Bank FDs offer a reliable and secure investment avenue for individuals looking to grow their savings. With competitive interest rates, flexible tenure options, and a trusted banking institution, IOB provides a compelling proposition. However, before making any investment decisions, it is recommended to thoroughly research and consider factors such as current interest rates, tenure, minimum deposit amount, and tax implications.

Remember, FDs are relatively low-risk investments, ideal for those seeking stability and regular income. Indian Overseas Bank is committed to meeting the financial needs of its customers. It has a dedicated team to assist you in understanding the FD options and choosing the best one for your requirements. Always consult a financial advisor to align your investment choices with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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