Indian overseas bank balance check number

Keeping track of our bank account balance is essential to managing our finances. In this digital age, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) provides its customers with convenient ways to access their account balance, one of which is through a balance check number. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the Indian Overseas Bank balance check number, its benefits, and how you can utilize it to stay updated on your account balance.

Indian overseas bank balance check number

Understanding the Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check Number:

Indian Overseas Bank offers a dedicated balance check number that lets customers inquire about their account balance quickly and conveniently. Customers can receive instant information about their account balance through an automated system by dialing this number. It eliminates the need to visit a bank branch or use Internet banking to access this vital information.

How to Use the Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check Number:

To check your Indian Overseas Bank account balance using the balance check number, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Ensure the mobile number linked to your bank account is active and accessible.

Step 2: Dial the Indian Overseas Bank balance check number from your registered mobile number. The balance check number for IOB is 1800-425-4445.

Step 3: You will be connected to an automated system after dialing the number.

Step 4: Follow the voice prompts and enter the required details, such as your account number and any other authentication information, as prompted.

Step 5: Once you have provided the necessary information, the automated system will process your request and provide your account balance information.

Benefits of Using the Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check Number:

1. Quick and Convenient: By using the balance check number, you can instantly obtain your account balance information without needing to visit a bank branch or access Internet banking. This saves time and effort, especially when you are on the move or in a hurry.

2. Available 24/7: The balance check number service is available round the clock, enabling you to check your account balance at any time convenient, including weekends and holidays.

3. No Internet Connection Required: Unlike other methods of accessing account balance information, the balance check number does not rely on an Internet connection. This makes it accessible even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

4. Secure and Reliable: Indian Overseas Bank ensures the security of its balance check number service, making it a reliable option for checking your account balance. The system is designed to protect your personal information during the inquiry process.

5. Cost-Effective: Using the balance check number is usually free of charge. However, checking with your service provider for any applicable call charges before using the service is recommended.


The Indian Overseas Bank balance check number offers a convenient and efficient method for IOB customers to inquire about their account balance. With its ease of use, availability 24/7, and secure process, this service ensures you can stay updated on your financial standing anytime and from anywhere. Keep your registered mobile number active to take advantage of this service. By leveraging the balance check number, you can effectively manage your finances and make informed decisions about your banking needs.

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