How to Block SBI ATM Card By SMS, Phone Call, and Online

How to Safeguard Your SBI Debit Card from Unauthorized Access. Losing your debit card can be nerve-wracking, especially considering the risks associated with unauthorized access. If you possess a State Bank of India (SBI) debit card and realize it's missing, acting promptly is crucial. 

How to Block SBI ATM Card By SMS, Phone Call, and Online

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you block your SBI debit card through multiple methods.

Why It's Essential to Block Your Lost SBI Debit Card

When your debit card goes missing, there's a risk of fraudulent transactions. By blocking your card, you eliminate the possibility of someone making withdrawals or unauthorized purchases using your card. It's also a good practice to review your account for any suspicious activities post the loss.

1. Using the SBI ATM Card Block Number

  • Quick Call to SBI Customer Service: The most immediate way to deactivate your card is by ringing up the SBI customer service. Reach them at 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800, preferably from your registered phone number for enhanced security.
  • Steps to Follow:
  • Dial either 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800 from your registered mobile number.
  • Once connected, opt for card block or press 0.
  • Follow up by pressing 2 to input your SBI card account number.
  • Press 1 to confirm. Just like that, your card gets blocked.

2. Blocking SBI ATM Cards via SMS

Another straightforward method to secure your finances is through a simple SMS:

  • Procedure:
  • Text BLOCK XXXX to 567676, replacing XXXX with the last four digits of your card number.
  • This SMS should be sent from your registered phone number for authentication purposes.

Once SBI acknowledges your request, they will send a confirmation SMS detailing the ticket number, the date, and the exact time of the blockage. Keep this information safe, as you might need it for future correspondence.

3. Internet Banking Method to Block SBI Debit Card

For those familiar with SBI's online banking platform, here's a digital way to ensure your card's security:

  • Steps:
  • Head over to
  • Use your username and password to log in.
  • Find and click on the 'ATM card services' option under the e-services tab.
  • Opt for 'block ATM card'.
  • Select the account linked to the missing card.
  • From the list displaying the card details, pick the card you want to block and specify the reason (lost/stolen).
  • Confirm the details and select your preferred authentication method - OTP or profile password.
  • After verification, a ticket number will be sent via SMS. Make sure to note it down.

4. Using SBI Mobile Banking Services to Block the Debit Card

For on-the-go users, SBI's mobile banking app offers an efficient way to block the card:

  • Procedure:
  • Open the SBI mobile banking app on your Android or iOS device and log in.
  • Navigate to the 'services' option on the home screen.
  • Choose the 'debit card hot listing' option.
  • Select the account associated with the missing card.
  • In the subsequent menu, select the card you wish to block.
  • You'll need to provide the reason (lost or stolen) and verify the block request using an OTP.

In Conclusion

While losing a debit card can be stressful, SBI offers a variety of methods to ensure your money remains safe. Regardless of which method you choose, remember to act swiftly and keep any confirmation or ticket numbers safe for future reference.

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