Are you planning to take a travel credit card? Then let me tell you one thing, would you like to know more about Airline credit cards? Yes, little more specific compared to travel credit cards as the benefit of such airline credit cards are useful in case if you are traveling via air frequently for travel purpose.

Travelling is an essential part of life which brings refreshment in life. Almost everyone plan for trips through out the year and spend huge money for transport, hotel booking or accessing luxury facilities. There are people who are also travelling for business purpose frequently.

best travel credit card in India

But do you know that you can spend smartly by having a good air travel credit card? In this article, I am going to share some key benefits of having a travel credit card mainly for air travelers and also help you to choose the best airline miles credit card in India.

How To Choose best airline miles credit cards in India

Most of the airline travel cards may have below points. They may miss something or may have something extra. But I have shared top 5 benefits that you will love to have while planning for your next travel.

Earn Air miles

You might be thinking how do airline miles work? This is the key feature and I will say very handy feature for frequent flyers. For every single airline ticket purchase, you are going to earn air miles or jp miles etc. Later on accumulation of certain points you can easily en-cash the air miles for purchasing next flight ticket or in fact you can book a luxury hotels as well.

Access to lounge

Many times when I visit to airport and waiting for flights, I was thinking how to access those Airport lounge facilities to pass my time adding some luxury. Now it is quite easy if you plan things smartly. Most of the airline credit cards have the facility to access to lounges in India and in world wide.

Get discount on Hotel Booking

As I have mentioned in the first point that you can use the air miles to book hotel. Besides that for few card owners they offer discounted price on hotel booking based on terms. You can easily get good discounts & deals on premier hotel chains world wide. E.g. Recently my brother have a 2 days stay in Taj hotels in Bangalore where the entire cost him 23,000 but he was able to manage Rs 20,000 from his Citibank Air Travel credit card.

Get travel membership packages

This is another good way to exploit the benefits of travel credit card or specifically airline credit card. You can easily get a good discount on holiday tour plans for such kind of card holders. If you love to plan holiday trips with your family every year, then why not save money on such plans and not only that get your holiday trip planned by professional travel planners as well. If fact you can also get good travel deals on traveling abroad or international holiday plans.

Free Travel insurance

Now the best part of such cards are travel insurance of good sum assured value. Just check whether your airline credit card offer free travel insurance policy as a benefit of having a card holder. In that case you don’t have to buy any separate travel insurance. But you have to be sure that the sum assured is what your expecting. Otherwise you can have an additional travel insurance policy provided by your credit card company besides the regular travel insurance.

So, choosing the best travel credit card in India is always depending up on your requirements. If you are travelling a lot then this kind of travel credit cards can help you to get more discounts and deals time to time. Do you have any airline travel credit card? Which one you are using? Would you like to share your experience or any travel credit card review or any consumer reports here to help our readers by writing a simple comment below.