Can I make demand draft online through SBI savings account? What are the SBI demand draft charges? How much time it will take to make my demand draft online through SBI net banking? If you are looking for all these questions then you are at the right place as I am going to share about how you can apply for demand draft online through SBI net banking website and get the same in next day only.

Generally the requirement of demand drafts has been very limited these days. Gone are the days when mostly people go with this way to make a secure payment. But now a days with the evolution of digital payment, the requirement of demand draft has been limited to mostly for the application of school admission or college admission fees, semester fees etc.

Recently one of my friend went to put his kid in Kidzee where he has to go through the process of getting a demand draft from ICICI bank. From that only I thought explore how convenient it is for SBI customers compare to ICICI bank customers when applying for a demand draft online.

Process To Apply Demand Draft Online Using SBI Net Banking Website

I am hoping that you are SBI savings account holder and already have SBI net banking activated. Then you can simply follow the steps to get your demand draft easily in just in 1 day.

First of all you have to log in to your SBI net banking website. Click on Payment / Transfer option.

On that page you can clearly find the option named “Issue Demand Draft”. Click on the same. You have to provide your profile password on the next screen. In case you have forget your profile password, then you can click on the forget password option and reset the same.

After successful authentication with the SBI net banking profile password, you will be navigated to the next screen. You can have a look at the screen below, where you have to provide all the information carefully.

Steps To Issue Demand Draft Through SBI Net Banking

First of all you can change the limit of demand draft. In my case it is showing as 10,000 only. Just click on the change limit button and increase the limit in case you want to make a demand draft of Rs 50,000.

Make sure your SBI savings account is having enough balance to process the demand draft. Carefully provide the name in the place of “In favor of” as this is the body who is going to receive the money.

Just below you will find another field call “Purpose”. Here you can choose why you want to make the demand draft. E.g. loan payment, education fees, deposit / investment, gift to relatives/friends, donation etc.

Fill up other details like DD / Banker Cheque to be issued at, DD / Banker Cheque to be payable at etc and finally come to the last section, Delivery mode.

If the Mode of Delivery is Collect in Person, you can collect the draft from the debit branch. If the mode of delivery is courier, the Demand Draft will be mailed to your registered address.For this, Rs 57.25 (Including Service Tax) will be added to the commission amount. This amount may vary as per the city of your SBI branch.

You can issue a Demand Draft from any of your Accounts (Savings Bank, Current Account, Cash Credit & OverDraft). Did you ever avail this facility of SBI net banking and get your demand draft delivered at home? As I have mentioned, it is good to visit the branch and collect the same on next day rather than waiting for courier boy to deliver the same. In that case you have to make sure that your SBI net banking communication address is updated properly, if not you have to change your SBI net banking address first and then apply demand draft online.