Are you looking for business ideas with low investment and high profit in India? Then you are at the right place as I will be sharing few of the most popular and easy to start business ideas with low investment.

Starting a business has become trend in India and every day many startups are hitting in our country. The main problem behind starting a business is not having the enough or adequate amount of money or capital. That’s why people are looking for business options with low investment and high profit.

Not everybody can start it off big, isn’t it? If you are among those peeps who has a low capital and is looking for a business idea that would get you high profits and returns, then here is your list.

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

When starting your first business, you might have to keep the profitability factor aside as the biggest challenge would be to set up the business. But still if you are trying top set up your first business, it is good to choose the best profitable business ideas only. Here are the top 10 as per my views.

Start event management company India

Looking for how to start an event planning business with no money? An event company could be a nice idea for starters since it requires not a lot of investment. If you are running low on funds, you can simply take the advance payments from the clients or, you can as well function smoothly if you have some contacts in the industry.

In fact registration of event management company in India is also very easy these days. The profit initially is rather low, however as the company grows there is huge opportunity. The only skill you need is interest and patience to manage and organise such small events.

Start an Online T-Shirt printing Business

The business has been in for a long time now, and though it is quite an advanced and a sorted process, T-shirt printing has now become an online rage for it is now possible to function from any part of the world and go out to them. If you want to do some research then search with any of the terms below.

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The initial costs could be anything up to 30,000 depending upon the kind of startup items and products you are dealing with. The profit initially could be something between 20 to 40 percent and grow later on. You can easily operate these business from home itself by setting up a website.

Start a News Portal or News Website

Print media is now rather turning obsolete and online news portals and websites are taking over. With everything available to us at the fingertips, this is indeed a deadly combination of technology and information. Your profit depends totally on the engagement you get on your site through the content. Websites like Miss Malini, India-Forums, etc are now major news portals.

If you have no idea how to start a news website and start making money form that, you can follow my article shared about how to start a blog & make money online. There are various ways one can make money online these from a website and the amount is very serious in many cases.

How to start a small restaurant in India or Start a Food joint Business in India

I found many questions in forum these days about I want to open a restaurant but have no money? While this might need you to rather have high investments compared to the latter, the profit you receive would be nothing less either.

If you select the right place and target the right kind of buyers, you will in no time be able to grow to heights you’d never imagined. Food has always been the major source of business.

I have personally talked to few of the tea vendors in my office area and whatever they shared is simply awesome. A simple small tea vendor in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi are making huge money every month. Even more than from a highly paid professional these days.

So, you have to know what people are looking to eat and what you can deliver. And of course the population and the place is the most important for any kind of restaurant or food joint.

Start a salon and spa business

You need to have proper knowledge to start this business or you can hire skilled professionals. While you could start off with a minimum of 2 or 3 of them, later on, you could gradually expand. Providing home based salon services is also something which you could venture into for they are major success in today’s times. To research more this topic, search for below topics.

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Start advertising agency business Online or Offline

Digital marketing or promotion is the biggest business of current time. Every company is running after promoting their products and services and spend huge money. Without promotion it is impossible to convince customer and sell any products. So, there is no doubt about the potential and if you have any sort of experience in this industry you can easily set up a PR agency and start making good money.

Personally I can see that many bloggers are providing SEO, Guest post, Link building and many more social media services & promotion services these days. They mostly target Facebook groups and other social media to gather customers. You can easily start such service even without spending  single penny.

How to start a boutique from home

If you have a passion for designing and you think you can nicely work your way out with it, then you can seriously start thinking about this to make a profession. All you need is a place, a machine, a nice tailor and you’ll be pretty much good to go. You of course need to have an understanding of design and clothing and you’ll be set.

People these days shop from boutiques just like they shop from regular shops and markets! This could turn out to be good business for you. This market is growing and many people are preferring to buy something original and designed by some individuals rather than buying something online or from the shop near you.

You can easily start promoting about your skill in your society and start picking business from your peer group itself, initially. Then gradually think big when start getting more orders.

Start mobile repair business

Smartphone is a must required gadget of today’s time. And you know that an electronic device can face problem at any time. But do you see any mobile repair service in your area or anyone who can visit your place and repair your device? If not, then you should think on that. Off course I am considering that you have huge knowledge and experience fixing mobile phones.

Not to forget, accessories such as earphones, power banks and covers, etc are of equal importance and if kept at reasonable rates, they sure could be just the thing you need. The initial investment towards setting up such business may not be huge, if you start providing service from home itself. Just you have to promote about your service through newspaper advertising and local banner advertising.

Start real estate business India

Want to start a real estate business in India? Then you are at right direction. India is a developing country and the scope of real estate development is huge. You can easily help people by finding out a flat or help them to get  rented property.

Personally I know few of the property brokers who are living a luxurious life. In fact in my early days of career when I was looking for PG accomodation I met those guys in Hyderabad. They started property business by helping people like me to get a flat and earn commission. Gradually they got huge success.

So, you need network and good convincing skill to start such kind of business. In fact you may not need any sort of investment initially.

Start home tuition service

Education is an ever green segment in any country. Specially in our country where to get a good job one need success in our academics, parents are spending like anything to give their kids proper education. And that is also starting from very early days.

My kid is just in class 2 and as the other kids are going for a private tutor, he has also joined the same. Actually there is a need also to get him busy. But the point here is that, that tutor is actually running such couple of batches of kids where in a batch 5-6 kids are there.

Besides that, I have also seen how people are becoming very popular and running 100 student in a batch at one time and making some serious money. But you have to be a very good teacher and a subject matter expert to earn the respect. There is hardly any investment cost to start tuition business from home.

Conclusion on Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

So, the final word here is passion & interest. You should have some passion or interest to do something. It’s not like always you have to set up a heavy business by investing huge money. If you can do that there no worries. But if you have less money to spend but have a big heart to think, then what is the problem.

In current time, people are coming with unconventional business ideas and also get success gradually. With the help of internet, one can even think much more further. I have only mentioned about 10 business ideas, but there are hundreds of such ideas with which one can easily set up any business with low investment and earn big profit with time.

If you have any idea in mind or any personal experience while setting up your business, then please share your journey here by writing a simple comment below. Thank you for reading and sharing this article on facebook and other social media.


  1. You are right Santanu,
    If one has a passion, it is possible to make a business of it.
    He can start small and slowly make it better by using the experiences
    he has on the way. There are a lot of possibilities using the internet as well.
    Good ideas and advice.

  2. You are correct Santanu,

    In the event that one has an energy, it is conceivable to make a business of it.

    He can begin little and gradually improve it by utilizing the encounters

    he has in transit. There is a considerable measure of potential outcomes utilizing the web also.

    Smart thoughts and guidance.

  3. Hi Santanu,
    How refreshing to find a list of realistic ventures that can be started, for low investment and high profit. The sooner that people start to look at online business in ways that target the regular spending public, instead of the get-rich quick brigade, the better.
    I hope many people will implement your suggestions and profit from them.
    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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