Do you buy groceries online or from super markets? Buying groceries online is become very popular these days. And there are various benefits of buying groceries online as one can mainly save the time and get good discounts. But do you know that you can even save more on your grocery shopping online or offline by using credit cards?

If you search online for best card for cashback on grocery, then I am sure you will not find many credit cards like other categories like travel credit cards, air mile credit cards, shopping credit cards etc. But in this article, I am going to share a credit card which is simply amazing and unique in feature when we talk about cashback on grocery shopping from any of your nearest super markets.

Best Cash Back Credit Card in India 2017

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Which one if the best Cashback Credit Card for Grocery Shopping in 2017

I am talking about SC Manhattan credit card. This is really an amazing credit card who provide flat 5% cashback on your purchase from selected departments stores only. Let’s explore various features of this credit card.

  • Earn 5% cash back every time you shop at supermarkets and department stores using your credit card.
  • Earn 5x rewards when you shop using your card, except at supermarkets and department stores

These are few key highlights of this card, you can read the complete review of this card here.

So, the best part of this card is you can go to selected shops like More Mega-store, Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar and buy your daily life essentials and when you pay the grocery bill using this Manhattan card you will get a straight 5% cashback in your bank account.

E.g. You have purchased groceries of amount Rs 1000 and pay using this Manhattan Credit Card. Now you will get Rs 50 cashback which is simply an extra discount on your bill. Most of the credit cards just offer reward points on your shopping bill value, but here you will get real time monetary discount. And this you will get every time you shop on these stores, provided the terms & conditions.

That means for a family 4-5 members if the grocery expenditure is Rs 10,000 / month, then you can save monthly Rs 500. That means annually Rs 6000. Just, put this money in a SIP mutual fund and let this continue for next few years and imagine how much wealth you will be able to generate form this domestic savings from your expenses. Moreover it will build a habit of savings which is a must to plan for long term wealth creation.

I know people are even thinking too much before buying groceries from these super markets in shopping malls and many people prefer to go to physical market to get more discount and free staffs like chillis & coriander leaves. But don’t you think this credit card can create a good habit of savings with tracking your expenses and off course with 5% flat cashback discount?

Personally I am using this credit card and earning cashback on my grocery shopping whenever I visit any mall. It is helping me to continue my budgeting pf monthly expenses. Mostly I prefer using credit cards only for any kind of monthly expenses like fuel charges, grocery shopping, vegetables, movie tickets etc. What about you?