Are you a college student and looking to apply your first credit card online? Although it is not that easy to get the best credit card with lots of benefits as a student, but having a credit card while in college will definitely add a style quotient at least.

But do you the basic terms and usage of credit cards? Mostly students got fascinated by the credit cards as that gave a freedom to spend as per their freedom. As paying the bill may not be their head ache.

But still to avoid to give your father a sleepless night, it’s always better to get educated with the basic credit card faqs first and then start using the same. In case of wrong knowledge, one can easily get trapped into a credit card debt trap.

Must Know Credit Card Faqs for college students

In case you are paying your own credit card bill,s then I am sure you are taking enough measures to avoid misuse of your credit card. Well, one can easily do that as they can make good money working part-time while studying in colleges these days.

What is minimum amount due

Don’t just get happy to see the minimum amount due against your credit card bill, as this is just to provide you a relaxation in short term only. Your interest on due amount will increase in next month. You can get to know about what is minimum amount due in credit cards here.

Types Of Credit Cards

Do you know how many types of credit cards are available? What is your need or requirement to apply for a new credit card? First of all find out your purchasing need and then only apply for the credit card. I think as a student one must look for a free movie tickets, discount on restaurants and reward points on shopping at malls etc benefit in a credit card.

Co-Branded Credit Card

Do you know what is a co-branded credit card? Its very simple, if you want to get exclusive benefits while shopping from Amazon or Flipkart then you can find out a special credit card where Amazon & Bank are providing benefits together. E.g. I am using SBI Yatra Credit Card which is nothing but a co-branded credit card fro SBI.

CVV? What’s That?

The CVV number is a 3-digit number printed on the reverse of your Credit Card, beside the signature panel. You’ll need this to verify online transactions.

What Is An Add-On Credit Card?

It’s a supplementary card that is issued to your family members. An add-on Credit Card is linked to your primary Credit Card account. Be careful about giving add-on cards to your family. You’re responsible for any defaults in payments.

Wised up about Credit Cards now? Want one too? We’ll have you spoiled for choice with so many Cards to choose from.