Are you planning to buy your first insurance policy online? Or looking for the best deals on insurance renewal quote online? Then you are at the right place as I will be sharing here few of the best websites in India where you easily compare Insurance Policy Quotes for Life insurance, Car & bike insurance, Health insurance, Travel insurance etc.

Insurance premiums, best insurance plan, medical claims, financial support, accidental claim etc. these are some various things which comes to our mind while selecting a better suitable insurance policy. But then there is immense research and mind troubling terms and conditions to go through.

You might have heard some advertisements being broadcasted on your television about policy comparison websites or different portals. Well let me tell you it’s a good step and a little time savvy too.

List of Best Websites To Compare Insurance Policy Quotes Online 2017

Let us talk about some of the most popular websites there can list an insurance plan based on your priorities and requirements:

Bank Bazaar –

The one is by the name Bank Bazaar so here going by the name, they not just offer insurance policies by different companies but they are also looking out in credit cards and loan processing. So yeah it’s a banking marketing portal.

Policy Bazaar –

This is something you should head for if you just want insurance policies and nothing else. They have close to 300 policy plans by 10+ life insurance companies and 20+ general insurance firms from pan India network and all from renowned insurance providers.

Apna Paisa –

They have made a very impressive repo with the popular insurances companies. They have tied with them and show all the latest and most beneficial policy you might be looking for. Watch out for their superb recommendations.

Easy Policy –

This is another saving site which can help people in their insurance matters contain wide range of polices to refer for and one can also filter for their required searches and the most coolest feature about this website is you can also check whether the policy is applicable for online, offline or both.

Insuring India –

Well the website claims to be the most operated in India, as they have list all the Public Sector Undertaking insurance policies on their page. The most supporting factor that will able to convince the users to take and apply for the policy is, this site shows all about it including the no. of people who have already enrolled and applied for the same.

Policy Boss –

This website gives you an edge and also provides you with a personalized service, known as a virtual representative. You can call their hotline number and can clarify any of the doubts you might have regarding the policies. Well most of the other website has this feature too but, they were really prompt about this.

My insurance club –

This is another pal who comes under this circle of comparing website. Well the most plus factor of this site is having is their stability and simplicity. Easy to navigate and filter, and if you like any of the policy, they also let you to share or invite to your friends and family.

Policy Tiger –

This website gives you an idea of the premiums you would pay on the yearly basis. They would even calculate the returns you would be getting. Sometimes we all have a fear that giving our all personal details to the third party would be secured? Albeit they promise you for their confidentiality.

Quick Bima –

keeping it unique and yet constructive is all about this comparing website. They would be having all the specific details about terms and conditions. You can even negotiation for the premiums and if you might get lucky you can avail some discount from the seller.

TRU Compare –

This website compares and display polices depending upon your needs, totally unbiased towards the featured policy sale of a particular company. One can easily track their settlements and claims for the policies and want to compare the term and premiums of two different policies but from the same company, then this would be your portal!

With this extensive analysis and a thorough knowledge, you will be able to understand how to compare the policy online and then how to choose the best insurance plan with lowest premium. There are many other websites than the ones mentioned in this post with another set of highlighted features. As said the most common websites are bank bazaar and policy bazaar. But all of them will provide you indicative data only which will help you to decide on the insurance policy. Share your thoughts & experiences with any of these websites and write a comment below.