Top 10 Investment / Financial Advisory Firms in India

Looking for the list of independent financial advisors in India so that you can seek financial help for better investment? Finance is a very primary thing which has to be managed and planned as poor financial planning can land you in a lot of trouble. You need to analyze various market situations and take financial decisions based on that. For any company or any individual for that matter, it is tough to make judgments on the financial situations. A financial advisor can help you take a right financial decision.

Who are Financial Advisory Firms?

Financial advisors are the people who guide their customers in taking various financial decisions. They are efficient in the field of finance and have experience as well as extensive knowledge regarding factors which affect the financial situations in the market. But here we are talking about Financial Advisory Firms, who are expert in their areas with many such expert people team up to provide the best investment advice to people.

When we talk about investment, one must have defined goals first to start investing. But mostly people in our country, invest money only after spending or to save income tax. The concept of goal based investment is not that much popular among many. These Financial Advisory Firms in India can easily help you to find your goals and accordingly help you to invest to achieve those goals.

Why should you invest in Financial Advisory Firms?

Financial Advisory Firms & their expert panel of financial advisers can speculate the market conditions and based on that one can take financial decisions catering to the future. Investment decisions, retirement planning, insurance management, stock broking are the fields which require an extensive knowledge which could be provided by professional financial advisers.

List of top 10 Financial Advisory Companies in India 2017

Kotak Private Equity Group

The Kotak Private Equity Group or K.P.E.G group provides financial advice regarding equity investments. This firm invests the money of the customers in the potential markets and helps the customers to multiply their money. K.P.E.G. is also very beneficial for the mid-size companies to expand their businesses.

Paar Tax and Investments Consultants

Paar Tax and Investment or P.T.I.C is also one of the best independent financial advisors in India. This firm provides a variety of financial services including tax planning, investments, portfolio management, insurance management, etc. The services of P.T.I.C can be availed by individuals, companies, wholesalers, retailers as well as other business organizations.

River Bridge Investment Advisors

This firm is a well-settled firm which is founded by professionals from IIM Bengaluru. These professionals have a lot of experience in the field of banking and other domains of finance. This offers a lot of services to its client containing capital raising, acquisitions, divestiture along with financial advising services.

P.N. Vijay Financial Services Private Limited

This firm mainly deals with wealth management services and caters to the demands of their clients related to portfolio management. It also deals with financial issues related loans, mergers, acquisitions, etc. It also provides information regarding current economy, market status to their clients.

Unit Trust of India Advisory Services

This firm was established back in the year 1988, and it provides useful suggestions when it comes to giving financial advice. This film mostly deals with helping the upcoming industrialist for their capital raising and is known for their financial advisory presence in all the industrial sectors of India.

SONG Investment Advisors

This firm is into spreading awareness related to profitable investment. SONG Investment Advisors help the aspiring entrepreneurs in raising capital. They also provide financial advice related to investment and guide people accordingly.

D.S.P. Merrill Lynch

This firm is a subsidiary of the bank of the America Corporation, and the head office of this company is located in Mumbai. It has gained an excellent reputation by giving suggestions in investment planning, acquisitions, mergers and serves financial advice to companies, governments, various businesses as well as individuals.

Go 4 Advisory Services

It is specialized in stock broking and has a very excellent grip on the stock market of India. Along with stock market, this firm also has a hold on the commodity market. Go 4 Advisory is expert in providing financial advice related to market investment.

B.T.S. Investment Advisors

B.T.S. Investment Advisors is a venture capitalist firm from Zurich, and it also has another office in Mumbai. This firm is the best to provide financial advice to Indian entrepreneurs as well as foreign companies. They also guide the investors who are interested in investing in the Indian market.

Bajaj Capital

Bajaj Capital is a very well-known firm which is into providing financial advice related to investment, retirement plans, insurance policies, etc. Bajaj Capital understands the need of every client and providing support according to client’s needs.

Conclusion on Best Financial Advisory Firms 2017

India is in a pretty strong economic position Due to changing the financial market day by day it becomes vital to appoint financial advisors who would lead to the financial growth of the individual or the business. So, if you need goal based investment advice, then you can contact any of these mentioned Independent Financial Advisory Firms in India, who can help you to achieve your target. Have you ever seek help from such companies? How was the experience? Would you like to share a small review about their services and how much they charges? Write a comment below and share your experience.


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