Looking for the best share trading company in India with lowest brokerage charges for intraday trading? Then you are at the right place as you can analyse among the top online share trading companies and open your first demat account with them to start investing your money in Stock market. These are among the popular list of registered stock brokers in India 2017 and you should compare brokerage charges of their demat account and then only go for the best one.

What is stock market trading – beginners guide

Online Trading is one of the most efficient ways of making money and thus is immensely popular. Online trading means buying or selling stocks of companies after studying the market conditions. This buying and selling take place on online platforms which are owned by proprietary firms. These platforms also provide proper guidance to the investors in how to make money by trading in good stocks, which time is right to invest, and which time is not.

In simple terms you will be provided with a limited period of time, generally 1 day and within that time you have to buy the stocks of any company at a low price and when the price will go up you can sell the stocks. This have to be completed as per the stock market timing and various rules related to stock trading in India. Now if you can do that perfectly, you can make decent profit, but in case thing go reverse, you make huge loss also. So, stock market investments are subject to market risk and read all terms & conditions and the rules of this game before jumping into it. At least don’t just start trading as your friends or relatives are doing it.

What are online trading service providers?

Online trading service providers provide a platform for the interested investors to buy and sell online. It is not required to hire a broker and pay brokerage charges. The investors can take financial decisions on just on a click. Guidance is also provided to the investors as to where and when to invest or divest their money. For this, the online trading service providers charge a brokerage rate which is quite minimal.

Why should you invest in an online trading service provider?

Hiring an online trading service provider in India is not a significant investment and it is quite affordable. The money spent on hiring an online trading service provider is totally worth it. This platform also provides traders with full control over their financial decisions as there is no third party which guides the decisions or takes the decision for them. It is always cheaper to be on an online trading platform than to pay heavy brokerage to the broker.

Many online trading services providers provide the option to monitor the investment in real time. Stock quotes and information regarding trade investments is offered by the online trading service provider which makes it easier for the trader to invest and divest money. Let us take a look at the top 10 online trading service providers in India 2017.

List of top 10 online trading services providers in India

Personally I have opened a demat account with Sharekhan and also recently with FundsIndia. Although I have done some intraday trading few years back and it was not that much good experience though as I don’t have much time to spend for the same. Recently I found good interest to know and invest in stock market and again planning to go for day trading to make some quick money online. But remember that, things may not be as rosy as I am saying as chances of loosing your money is also there if you don’t pick the stocks for trading correctly.


Zerdoha claims to be the oldest online stock broker in India and thus a lot of experience with online trading. They have an interactive customer service and a very simple brokerage structure. The brokerage charged by this company is around Rs. 20 or 0.01% for Intraday which is a very negligible amount.


RKSV has the best experience with zero brokerage. This online trading service provider provides five free trades every month. The brokerage charged is Rs. 20 per trade.

SAS Online

SAS Online is one of the most economical online trading service providers. They charge brokerage at only Rs. 9 per executed order. They also provide the option of unlimited trading at Rs. 999/- per month.


Trade plus provides 100% refund if you do not use this service for trade. This online trading service provider offers zero brokerage trading. The brokerage packages start as low as Rs. 99 per month and thus are very affordable to the customers.


Sharekhan is a leading trading online service provider and is very popular with the public. They provide multiple brokerage schemes and follow a simple brokerage structure. There is a one-time payment to be made for registration on Sharekhan.

Angel Broking

Angel broking claims to be one of the most respected stock companies in India. They provide a 20% discount on online trading brokerage. This company also does the best possible research and based on that personalized guidance is provided to customers. They also provide investment goal based customized solutions for the investors.


MotilalOswal is a very economical platform for online trading services as it provides free brokerage for the first month. Free usage of trading platform is also a perk of MotilalOswal. With 100% paperless trading MotilalOswal is India’s leading share trading company.


The IIFL is a very technically sound online trading service provider In India. Real-time and an interacting tool are provided by this company which makes it easier for the customers to make better investment decisions. There is also a single integrated window to buy or sell investments.

Trade Smart Online

Trade Smart Online trading platform provides up to 4 X exposure for equity delivery. The brokerage rate charged by this company is 0.007% for intraday. They also offer the option of monthly unlimited trading plans.

Who Provide The lowest brokerage charges for intraday trading in India

Well, among all these list of 10 stock brokers only few of them offers very low brokerage charge. This is a very important part as many people don’t realize that how brokerage charges effect their net income from stock trading. E.g. if you bought 100 shares of a company @ Rs 10 and buy in 10 shares a lot that means 10 transactions. Now the general brokers will charge you for the amount of shares purchased and also the number lot used.

In that scenario, the Fixed Price Broker or discount brokerage companies like Zerodha, RKSV Securities, Trade Smart Online etc only charges a nominal fee of Rs 15 – 20. Which is nothing but a saving of more than even 90% of you trading and you make huge profit in online stock trading.

  • Zerodha charges Rs Zero per trade for delivery based trades. In case you trade in intraday and F&O, pay flat brokerage of Rs 20 per trade.
  • RKSV brokerage plans starts at flat Rs 20 + Zero brokerage for delivery based trades
  • Trade Smart online provide one of the lowest brokerage rate in India at Rs 15 per trade irrespective of the volume and an unlimited plan for Rs 1899.

Final thoughts on the list of Online Trading Service Providers in India

Online trading platforms are very convenient and also self-sufficient with all the information provided to the investors. This is the easiest way of multiplying the money and also getting to know the market. But remember one thing that its not like a lucky draw or gambling as you need some knowledge on stock market and about the company where you are going to invest. Only people with proper understanding of stock market, knowledge on how to analysis shares can make good money from stock trading. So, open your demat account and start trading online choosing from the list of best Lowest brokerage Stock brokers in India 2017.