What is personal finance? In simple terms how effectively one can handle money. I think these 10 personal finance bloggers from India are justifying the true meaning of money management through their blogs every day. Let’s find out the list of top 10 Indian blogs on personal finance niche.

You can create this list in many ways considering different factors. But personally, I tried to list the most popular ones as per their simple ways of explanation, writing style and the message they wanted to share with the audience.

I am not going to mention here the big websites like Moneycontrol.com, Economic Times etc. as they are not that easy to get through for beginners. People want to read stories of individuals, their own experiences and then only they learn. And I think these 10 personal finance bloggers are doing their best to help people through their websites.

Top 10 Best Personal Finance Blogs in India 2018 (Updated List)

Jagoinvestor: Online Financial Planning service in India (www.jagoinvestor.com)

Jagoinvestor.com was started long back by Manish Chauhan, where he used to review financial products (mostly LIC policies) and explained how people are getting trapped with the misselling of insurance policies. Gradually, Manish got a huge response for his interest and knowledge in personal finance area and Jagoinvestor became one of the most popular personal finance blogs in India.

Now it is a big brand in India and they have also started providing financial planning services. Here are few useful links to their services and resources you will find useful.

Manish Chauhan is also one of the popular writers of the current time, who wrote a couple of best personal finance books for beginners. Here is the list of few of the popular books from Manish Chauhan page.

Cash Overflow: 1000+ Online Business Ideas to Become Rich (www.cashoverflow.in)

CashOverflow was started by Pardeep Goyal back in 2016, with a simple aim to showcase how one can live a perfect life without spending much. Pardeep is a multi-talented person who has worked in the IT industry for a long time and was also involved in a couple of start-ups which did not see success.

But, we all know failure is the pillar of success and that’s what was waiting for Pardeep as well. Within just 2 years from that time, he has turned his blog CashOverflow into one of the most successful websites in India. Just read his latest income report, and you will understand why I said so.

Personally, I really like the way Pardeep narrates every experience of his life through his website to educate people. He is a big storyteller as well and has contributed to many big publications. Check out few of his articles:

If you are a regular reader of CashOverflow, you might have noticed this popular statement of him, which I like the most.

My friends call me as a “Kanjoos Baniya” (Frugal Guy) because I always find a way to save money on anything that I buy.

freefincal • Prudent DIY Investing! (freefincal.com)

Mr. M. Pattabiraman,  a physicist working at IIT, Madras has turned his blog freefincal.com an awesome resource, especially for mutual fund investment. If you want to learn the advance things of personal finance, mutual fund analysis, that is the ultimate destination.

But this is not the end, as Mr. M. Pattabiraman & Ashal Jauhari, together started an awesome & vibrant Facebook group to spread the knowledge and awareness about Indian personal finance.

You should join the group now – Asan Ideas for Wealth.

You can visit the Freefincal eBook section and explore the free eBooks available. One of their popular book “You Can Be Rich Too: With Goal-Based Investing” has become a massive success. I have also purchased this book and found that very useful for beginners.

Safal Niveshak | Value Investing India | Value Investing Course (www.safalniveshak.com)

For beginners, this is a platform to explore and learn. Vishal Khandelwal has come up with interviews conducted with other investors, e-books related to investing, online courses all in combination with conventional blogging about success stories of investing round the globe.

BasuNivesh – Personal Finance Blog (www.basunivesh.com)

Basavraj Tonagatti is one of my good friend (blogging friend). His blog Basunivesh is a perfect platform for Indian investors who are seeking investment advice in lament terms. His writing style is very simple to understand and in each topic, Basu shares almost every detail about that topic.

If you have any question regarding the insurance policy, Mutual funds, investment you can ask Basu through Basunivesh Forum. He will surely help you as per best of his knowledge. That is a very active personal finance forum in India.

MoneyExcel – Personal Finance Website Blog | Best Investment Option (moneyexcel.com)

Raviraj Parekh is another good friend of mine who is a very old player in this list of top Indian finance blogs. One thing I like about Raviraj is his consistency of writing a blog post almost daily.

He has in-depth knowledge of stock market investments and you will find various top 10 stocks related article on his website. Few of the popular articles of MoneyExcel..

He started Money Excel with his friend Shitanshu on 18th October 2012 with a simple aim to help people in achieving excellence for money. It’s about educating people so that they make informed financial decisions about their money.

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ReLakhs.com – Personal Finance Blog (www.relakhs.com)

Shreekanth Reddy or Sree was too interested in personal finances that he quit his job of a top IT company to enter into the finance world. His main intention behind blogging is to provide unbiased & simple views on any financial product.

Relakhs.com is all about PERSONAL FINANCES in-depth. Each of his articles is very well narrated with maximum information in very simple language so that every common man can easily digest. Shreekanth also run a very active forum on his website, where you can ask anything to him.

Here is the link to Relakhs Forum. If you have a question, feel free to write your query by simply creating an account.

Learn about EPF, UAN, Income Tax, Investing, Fixed Deposit (www.bemoneyaware.com)

It is not only about the financial management but also stuff like EPF, PF, filing income tax return and much more. This is exactly when Kirti, who runs the blog BeMoneyAware comes into play.

Her blog contains articles covering a wide range of topics investing, taxations, loans as well as on topics like EPF, PF and income tax because to be honest, these are the most widely used terms when it comes to managing the finances.

You will be amazed to read about their blog as it says that they wouldn’t let anyone enter the complicated finances without actually telling and teaching them what and how it is done just like we need to learn to drive before actually climbing onto the driver’s seat.

OneMint — Helps You Make Better Financial Decisions (www.onemint.com)

The author Manshu Verma has a MBA in Finance and his blog is all about his passion for finance, technology and how it affects the economy of your lifestyle. Onemint does have a refreshing touch to help you seek better judgment about money.

Best Investment Plans in India & Money Saving Ideas (myinvestmentideas.com)

Suresh KP, is the man behind this website. He is a Professional blogger, having 20 years of experience in financial markets. Expert in mutual fund and IPO analysis. He has contributed various expert articles on Moneycontrol.com. Here are few of them

This blog is about nurturing new ideas, sharing information and intercepting the execution of personal financing. A man who has now more than 15 years of fruitful experience in financial planning and investments Suresh KP from Hyderabad authors some of the greatest experiences.

Let’s Conclude – The List of Best Indian Personal Finance Websites 2018

I am sure there are plenty more websites which can be part of this list. But the idea behind sharing this list was to share about the popular blogs, which anyone can understand and gain good knowledge on personal finance.

And as per my understanding and I have listed out these 10 blogs as top personal finance websites. This is completely my choice, in case I missed your website name then do please write a comment below and share your favorite personal finance blog in India also.


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