Top 10 Robo Advisors in India 2017 | List of Online Financial Planners

Looking for best online financial advisor India 2017? Do you know what is the term used to define top financial planners in India websites? It’s Robo Advisors. This is what we have been hearing about since a couple of years around the world, in the markets of developed nations. These are portals that have very sophisticated and super easy to use online tools. Among them, there are also portals which have managed to be able to successfully raise further funds.

Tracking the development of such advisors is necessary for these do have a huge impact on the advisory environment. In the current period, Robo advisors for USA, UK or JAPAN is something which is very much expected and a known thing to hear off. However, when it comes to talking about Robo Advisors in India, it is sure a great thing.

The List of Top Robo Advisors or Online financial Advisor India 2017

Talking about what Robo advisors are, well, they are actually portals, or rather automated tools which guide you into investing your funds based upon the details you provide. Here is the list of the top 10 Robo advisors in India:

1. Funds India –

This one stands most successful among the many other present in the list. They have indeed managed to outdo many of the other advisor portals by simply providing for the users some really smart features. In fact, there are people who do suggest the same for their advisory options. They have a smart solution feature, where the funds are allocated only after having done a good research and chosen funds to be able to reach the set targets.

2. Big Decisions –

If you are looking out to make smart investment plans post retirement, or life insurances, housing loans, etc, then this is the place for you. They are a popular forum and shall provide you adequate help in ultimately reaching your financial goals.

3. My Universe ZIPSIP –

ZIPSIP is yet another of a very good advisor, though it is among the most recent one to have been launched. Belonging to the Aditya Birla Group family, they also have their focus on investing mutual funds via SIP way. Also, there are pop ups that frequently come in on the screen time and again, thereby promoting the new start up to be able to compete in the already existing market in India.

4. Arthayantra –

This is one of the oldest robo advisors in India, and first online financial advisor platform in India. They are a startup based in Hyderabad and deal with automated financial planning programs.

5. Scripbox –

ScripBox is pretty much what a basic robo advisor does, and it helps one to invest in mutual funds with the help of starting SIP. The platform is easy to use and by following the guide (Step by step), one can easily start off with SIP.

6. 5Nance –

This is yet another of the advisor portals in India which helps you out by telling you smart investment secrets as well as comprehensive financial decisions. With adequate advice and a systematic approach, you’ll be able to invest smartly and successfully reach your financial goals.

7. Goal wise

Though they are a rather small player and a new comer, they have been able to successfully create a platform for themselves where they help investors to get rid of the hassles of maintaining a portfolio.

8. Bionics

ICICI has a robo advisory service with a human element to it as well. That is pretty much the same thing that Funds India uses, and as technical as the entire functioning has to be, it is at the same time, rather systematic and sorted.

9. Money Frog –

Let these robo advisors help you make the right decision and not regret them later. There have sure been instances where we regret not having taken some suggestions or consultancy in terms of investments. All that you have to know will be right here, at one place, your answers as well as their suggestions.

10. Fisdom –

Fisdom provides to you free wealth management services, investment ideas and suggestions which are at par with the current market, and Bank grade security in terms of your financial details.

And that was about the list of best Robo advisors in India! So no more consultancy meetings and portfolio maintenance, you can simply get in touch with these sites, and you’ll be pretty much sorted there after! Personally I have started my investment journey through mutual fund way via FundsIndia and the experience is really good so far. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to enter into stock market or how to buy your first mutual fund in India then you should take help of such list of online financial planners 2017. Share your thoughts & experience here by writing a simple comment below.


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  1. I have been a customer of FundsIndia since 5 years and I have pretty good experience with them. Though they started offering equity services recently, I still miss the features like applying for IPO. But overall I am happy with there advisory services.

    1. Thanks Sachin for sharing your experience here. Its my 2nd year with FundsIndia and its really good to go with them. I have also open Demat account with them and exploring more on direct investment in stock market.