When To Deposit in PPF Account To Get Maximum Interest

It’s a very common question everyone want to know about PPF account. When is the Best Time to Invest in PPF Account? I don’t know whether you are aware about how the interest is calculated in PPF account and how it will depend on your deposit schedule.

Frankly speaking, like many people I also came to know about this after few months of opening PPF account. In fact I used to think that it is good to invest in PPF account in date of the month without knowing the Best Time to Invest in PPF Account. If you are also feeling like me, then it’s time you should know that you are missing one month’s interest rate like many people.

When to Deposit in PPF Account To Get Maximum Interest

I think this article will also help those who want to know about how to earn more interest on ppf account. Because every month from the 1st date to 5th date of a month is counted a PPF investment window. That means, if you deposit money in your PPF account via online transfer or automatic transfer from 1st to 5th of every month, your money will earn interest of that month.

In case your deposit is after 5th of the month, then this amount will earn interest in next month onward. In case you are investing in the month of March after 5th, then the amount will not be considered for interest calculation for PPF in that financial year. Your investment will earn interest in next financial year starting from month of April.

Final Take Away

If you want to deposit money to your PPF acocunt regularly then make sure your automatic payment schedule is set as per the dates mentioned above for every month, if you don’t want to loose a month’s interest rate. If you are planning to open PPF account for the first time, then also same rule applied in case you are thinking from interest point of view. Otherwise, its fine to open PPF account in bank in any time.


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  1. Hi , If I open ppf account in may 2017 , does it come under 80c for the financial year 2017-2018