How to Buy E Term Plan – LIC Online Term Plan

Are you planning to buy a term plan online? Are you looking for the most reliable & best term insurance plan online? Then I think LIC E term plan is the only plan which can full till the requirement of a good term plan even if the premium amount is high compared to other term insurance policies in India.

In this article I will share a step by step guide to buy LIC e term plan online. Although I have not bought this policy, but LIC of India has created a very user friendly web based portal where you just need to follow the step by step guide to complete the purchase. I hope you would like to read about LIC e term plan review before proceeding further. By the way, I have already shared that I have opted for HDFC click 2 protect term plan online.

Steps to buy LIC online e term plan

LIC is offering 2 policies to buy online and one of them is e term plan. If you are looking to buy lic offline term plans, then you have to ask your lic agent or visit nearest lic branch office to get more information about the process of purchase. If you don’t know the names of lic offline plans, then they are LIC Amulya Jeevan II & LIC Anmol Jeevan II. I wil write exclusive review of LIC offline term plans in upcoming posts.

Anyway let’s follow the step by step guide below to complete your LIC E Term plan purchase online.

Step 1: Visit the lic online term plan official website. It is always better to clear your browser cookies before starting any online transactions to stay safe.

Step 2: You will find the LIC e term plan will be selected by default. Other than that, you will also find LIC Jeevan Akshay VI policy (a pension plan from LIC of India) . I will write a separate step by step guide for that.

Step 3: On that page itself, you can go through the details of this policy like Plan, features, benefits, eligibility and FAQs by clicking on the tabs (you can also read the complete review of LIC e term plan on my website). Now click on the Blue buy online button.

Step 4: Here you have to provide various key information carefully step by step. You have to complete total 8 tabs including the current home tab. Select the new user and Indian citizen option and click on confirm to navigate to the next tab.

Step 5: Now provide information on the tabs one by one like calculate premium, contact details, Basic information, Previous Insurance, Medical details, Bank details & Declaration etc.

Step 6: Finally pay the premium amount using net banking or credit card facility and the complete the purchase. Read the policy documents carefully and in case any issue you can cancel the policy as per the free lock in period terms.

Make sure you have shared all information like mobile number, address, nominee details, medical conditions, smoker or non-smoker etc so that your family can’t face any kind of claim rejection at the time of need. You should also involve your family while buying the insurance as they are going to use this policy in case of your unfortunate death.

Did you purchase LIC E Term plan? Or Which term insurance plan suits best your requirement? Write a comment below and share your experience or any queries.


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