How To Check CIBIL Score Report Online Free (Step By Step Tutorial)

Till last year you have to pay a nominal charge of Rs 550 to know your CIBIL score online. But after RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan’s declaration, from 1 Jan 2017, one can check their credit score from CIBIL website without paying money. But you have to pay for checking your Credit Report and the charges start from Rs 550/ month.

This is a very good move as this will surely help people to check CIBIL score online for free. One must check their CIBIL score regularly so that they can understand what is their current CIBIL report, how easy or difficult it will be for them to go for any personal loan or home loan etc, whether they need to improve CIBIL score etc.

This move will surely increase the awareness about CIBIL score. In this article, I will share a step by step short tutorial to let you know, how I have checked my CIBIL score online for free using my PAN card number only.

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What is CIBIL Score? What is a Good CIBIL Score?

The full form of CIBIL is Credit Information Bureau of India Limited. This score is the issue by the Credit Information Company (CIC). They are like a central system who collects all your transactions across any bank or any kind of financial transactions.

Now this will simply help every bank to access individuals data and understand what kind of financial record/history the person is carrying. Means, with a good credit score everyone will love to offer your loan, credit cards, personal loans etc. And in case your CIBIL score is bad, you will find it very difficult to get your loans approved.

Generally, CIBIL score ranges from 300-900. There are various things which can impact your credit score badly and at the same time, you can also improve your credit score over the period of time by following some good financial habits.

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Steps To Check Cibil Score Free By PAN Number Instantly (Less than 2 minutes)

You should check your Cibil score time to time, even if you are following all good financial habits. Maybe due to some previous transaction or late payment of any credit card bill, your credit score may get impacted. So, check your CIBIL score free online to aware and if require take necessary actions to correct it.

Follow the step by step guide below to check your credit score online for free of cost.

Step #1: First of all visit CIBIL.Com. On the homepage, find out the option stating Free Annual CIBIL Score and click on the same. If you did not find that link, the directly click here to open the free CIBIL score application link. You will find a screen like below where you have to complete 3 tabs before getting the CIBIL report free.

check cibil score online free

Step #2: First 2 tabs are all about your personal details. You have to provide your personal information like Your name, Date of birth, Gender, Identity Proof ( PAN Card), Income type, monthly income, Full address with pin code, Telephone number and Email address etc.

check cibil score free online

Step #3: Make sure you have filled all the information carefully, double check to avoid any data mistake. Finally, click on the submit button. On the last step, you have to validate the transaction using OTP password sent to your mobile number. Provide the same and proceed to the dashboard.

check free credit report online


Step #4: On the dashboard, you can find that your CIBIL score is showing on the left side. And in the right side, you can check the various slabs of CIBIL score. You can also check your Credit report, which is not free. You have to upgrade to their paid subscription plan to get the credit report.

check cibil report online free

Note: I have edited this dashboard screenshot to hide my CIBIL data. When you log in to your dashboard, you will find your data on the same screen. You should not share your CIBIL data with anyone.

Hope you find this article useful and will definitely check your CIBIL score online for free following this step by step guide. You can do multiple things after login onto your myCIBIL account like Raise a dispute, check pre-approved loan offers, apply for any loan quickly etc.


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