You might be thinking why one need to worry about credit card application when you are getting free calls every day asking for apply credit card? Do you know that it is not that easy to get your credit card application approve due to many factors? By the way I hope you are aware about the benefits of using a credit cards.

If you want to apply for a premium or premier credit card then you need to make sure few things are on place. In this article, I will share some tips to make your credit card application faster. Don’t think that as you are getting calls for credit cards daily, they will approve your credit card request without validating few checklist. Recently I have applied for HDFC Regalia Credit Card and the process has taught me many lessons and here I am going to share them.

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Checklist to Make Your Credit Card Application process Faster

Want to get a credit card quickly, then follow the mentioned points and you will definitely get your credit card application approve quickly.

Have a good credit score

Credit score or cibil score is one of the key criteria to judge how good is your credit history or how well are in spending & repaying money. While customer care people are calling you, they may not know about your credit history which will come in to picture after your application only. Now if you have a bad credit score then you may have to face credit card application rejection. There are many ways to improve your credit score in long term.

If you have a high salary job

Salary is another criteria to get premium credit cards with more features. E.g. if you are looking for a travel credit card with premium benefits, then you should have a high salary. Initially I had a basic credit card and I tried many times to upgrade the same to platinum or titanium credit cards and failed every time. By the way if you want to get a credit card to get good cashback discount on online shopping then check out Standard Chartered credit cards.

Fill the application form online

If you are planning to apply a credit card, then it is better to apply online itself without waiting for the representative to visit your place. The same thing happened to me and I have lost more than 1 week as some day that guy came to my office, but I was not present and vice versa. One can easily look for the specific credit card online and find out the how to apply online link. Just fill up the form with accurate and necessary personal information and then submit the application.

Provide valid address proof

Address verification is another key thing to get your credit card approved. In my case I was in Hyderabad and my credit card got expired. Now I am in Kolkata and when I have applied for new credit card of the same bank, it went to Hyderabad as I have not changed my credit card address. So, if you have any kind of similar issues with address fix it first before applying. If you are applying for credit card for the first time then better to make sure you have valid address proof documents so that address verification process can happen smoothly.

Provide local reference for fast verification

Most of the time I have shared my office address as communication address and to validate the same they will ask a land line phone number and sometimes some local reference also. Make sure you are ready with these requirements and also attend them whenever verification is going through.

So, these are the few reasons which may cause delay for your credit card application process. If you have managed them all first and then apply credit card, you may get your desired credit card fast. If you have your Aadhaar number ready then verification process will be very easy. Anyway, I would like to heard about your experience if any about credit card application process in India, by writing a simple comment below.