If you have purchased any of the lic of India policies, then this article will be very useful for you as I am going to share all the forms of lic at one place. You can easily download lic forms from here as per your need. Basically, I took the entire information from lic of India official website only, you can click here to check the same.

How To Download LIC Forms Online

It depends on what exactly you are looking for or what kind of form you want to download for lic. Generally people download mostly maturity claim form, death claim forms, policy surrender form, revival form etc.

All these forms are available in PDF formats in English and few of them are available as Hindi also. You have to download them and then take printout before you start filling them one by one. Let’s check out the list of lic forms.

Death Claims:

Click here for Claim Form ‘A’ in Form No.3783.(PDF Format)

Click here for Claim From no.3783(A)(PDF Format)

Maturity Claims:

Click here to download Form No. 3825 (PDF Format)

Survival Benefit Claims forms:

Click here to download Form No.5180 (PDF Format)

B. Proposal Forms

Proposal for Insurance under Jeevan Akshay-II (PDF format)
Proposal for Insurance under Bima Nivesh (PDF Format)
Instructions for filling up above form.
C. Mandate Form For Payment Of LICI Premium By ECS
Click here to download Mandate form for LICI premium by ECS
D. Revival Forms

Revival of Lapsed Policy- Form no. 680

Click here to download (PDF format)

Revival of Lapsed policy – Form no. 700

Click here to download (PDF format)

Revival of lapsed Policy- Form no. 720

Click here to download (PDF format)

E. Application Form For Annuity Card

For annuitants of Mumbai P & GS UNIT

Click here to download (Page 1)
Click here to download (Page 2)

F. IPP-ECS Mandate Form

Click here to download


Click here to download

H. Certificate of Existence

Click here to download

I. IPP-Letter of Indemnity

Click here to download

J. Neft Mandate Form

Click here to download 

K – Health Insurance Forms

Click here to download

L – ECS/Direct-Debit Mandate form

Click here to download

M – Pre-contract Integrity Pact

Click here to download

So, do you find this post useful? Check out the lic official website for any further changes of forms. Sometimes lic may come up with a new form format or asking for new information, in that case our website may not have the latest form. So better to refer to the lic website only for any corrections. Besides that, these are all the forms one need o handle any sort of service from Lic of India. If you have used any of the forms here, you can write a comment below and share the form filling guide or any Tips & tricks to fill these forms. This will be very much beneficial for our readers. Thanks in advance. 🙂