You might be thinking why you should download lic premium payment receipt? The answer is very simple. If you are paying income tax and want to show your LIC policy premium payment under section 80C to get tax exemption then these lic premium payment receipts are the only evidence.

When you pay your lic policy premium offline or through your LIC agent, you generally get the premium payment receipt in hand only. But most of the time people get confused with online payment and sometime they don’t like online payment as they don’t know how they will get lic premium payment receipt after paying the premium.

What is lic premium payment receipt

As the name suggest, as soon as you pay your LIC policy premium online, system will generate a receipt in your LIC account only and also send the same in your email id also.

This is nothing but the similar to the offline premium payment receipt which you can download anytime from your online account. In fact you don’t have to ask for duplicate lic premium payment receipt.

Process To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online – Step by Step Process

If you have paid your lic policy premium online through your LIC account then this process will help you to get the receipt online.

Steps To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online

Step 1: First of all Log on to website and provide your userid and password to get into the account.

Step 2: If you have not registered, then register first and for that you can follow the lic online e services registration guide.

Step 3: On successful login, look for the left side tab and find out Premium Paid Statement link. Click on the same.

Step 4: Enter Policy Number and choose the year for which you want to download the premium payment receipt.

Step 5: Next click on submit and you will find all the premium payment receipts available there. If you are paying quarterly then you will find 4 receipt and if you are paying premium monthly then you will get 12 payment receipt there which is obvious.

Step 6: Now click on the print now button and take print outs. This is one of the easiest way to get your lic policy premium payment receipt online without asking any one for duplicate receipts even if you lost one.

Another thing is you don’t have to provide any digital signature or verify anything after downloading the receipts online. Just use them as you want.

So, have you ever tried to download lic policy premium payment receipt online? Then best thing I have realized is the management of the receipts without any worry you can login any time and check your previous years premium payment receipts online. Make sure you are acknowledging the payment after completing the online payment process to generate the premium payment receipt. You will also get email alert instantly.