If you are still looking for the question like is Aadhaar card mandatory for income tax return, then let me remind you that PAN and Aadhaar linkage is mandatory now and the last date for the linking aadhaar with PAN is 31st July. That means, you should have aadhaar number and that also linked with PAN card as per the due time line.

In this article, I will sharing the step by step guide to e-verify your ITR using the aadhaar OTP in just few seconds only. Yes, it’s one of the simplest and fastest way one can verify their It return online.

But before that, you income tax return must have to be uploaded and processed in IT department website. You can easily file your ITR online, in case you have a form 16 from your employer. I will share a soet by step guide related to the same soon.

Otherwise, you can take help of any of the Income tax Return websites or services or brokers who can easily help you to file your IT return online. As soon as you have done with this step, you can simply follow this article and complete the e-verification process of ITR in just few seconds.

Step By Step Guide Income Tax Return Verification Through Aadhaar OTP

Step 1: First of all you have to visit https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/ website and login with your ID and password. If you have done the ITR through 3rd party, then ask them for the password or use forget password option to retrieve the password and then login.

As soon as you login successfully, you will find a screen like below.

e-Verifying Income Tax Return using Aadhar Card 1

Step 2: You have to click on the “My Pending Actions” option. Then you will find a screen like below.

e-Verifying Income Tax Return using Aadhar Card 5

Step 3: You can find out that your filed ITR details and an e-verify option. Just click on the same to proceed further. You will find there are few options to verify the ITR online like below.

e-Verifying Income Tax Return using Aadhar Card 2

Step 4: If you want you can also e-verify your ITR through EVC, but here we are discussing through aadhaar OTP option, which is the last one. Just click on the same and find the popup like below.

e-Verifying Income Tax Return using Aadhar Card 3

Step 5: You will receive the OTP in your mobile number linked with aadhaar. If you have not linked your mobile with aadhaar, then you have to correct your mobile number or update your mobile number with aadhaar first and then only you can complete your ITR through aadhaar.

As soon as you provide the OTP and click on submit button, your ITR verification will be submitted. You will be able to find a screen like below, if things are successful.

e-Verifying Income Tax Return using Aadhar Card 4

I kept few information hiden here to keep certain details safe. I hope this is understandable. You can easily follow the same steps and complete your ITR verification online in seconds only.

Many people forget to e-verify return, even though they file their Income Tax Return. Earlier it was a different process as everyone has to send the ITR acknowledgement receipt to CPC Bangalore address via post and where many people miss timeline and also forget to do the same.

But, now I think there should not be any reason for this. One can easily link their PAN with aadhaar first and the file return online and then e-verify return online through aadhaar OTP. It’s very much simple process.

You can share your experience or any query related to this process by writing a simple comment below. Thank you for reading this article, if you find my efforts useful, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc to help them.