How To Enroll LIC Policy For Family Members

Did you buy lic policy for your family members ( spouse, brother, sister, father, mother, minor etc ) ? Are you wondering how to enroll lic policy for family members to pay the premium online or get income tax exemptions? In this article I will be addressing few of such common questions raised by many people.

Enroll LIC Policy For Family Members Online

First of all, let me clear about one thing that when you are registering a lic policy online through lic of India website, you have to share below unique information

  • Policy Number
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Email id.

So, one thing is clear that lic portal will check your date of birth with the policy date of birth and then only verify your online registration and provide you user id and password. I hope now I can answer the questions easily.

Can I add Lic policies of my family in my registered account?

The answer is very clear now, you have to create separate account or you have to register your spouse’s lic policy separately and create a new lic account to add her / his policy.

Can I pay lic policy premium of my wife & self together online?

Again, its 2 different account and 2 different policy. So, you have to login to each account one by one and then pay the policy premium one by one. You can’t pay policy premium combining them together.

Can I claim the lic policy of my spouse as income tax exemption under section 80C?

Generally, when both husband & wife are working together this sort of situations arise. In such a case, one can get income tax exemption only for the policies done for self and all other dependents. In case your spouse is not dependent, then it should not be done.

But, deduction for LIC is available on payment basis. So, if you have paid the LIC premium for your spouse, you can claim deduction. I hope this will answer your query about Can I claim deduction for LIC premium paid for my wife, who pays her own income tax?

You are most welcome to share your knowledge about this topic and also correct me in case any rule is changed or mentioned wrong here.


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