EPF Composite Claim Forms (CCF) – Withdraw EPF Without Employer

EPFO has come up with a new EPF Composite Claim Form which is a single form to replace the previous 3 forms (form 19, form 10C, form 31). Last year EPFO issued 3 different forms for UAN (Universal account number) based customers and make the process simplified. But with the launch of new EPF Composite Claim Form, one can apply for EPF withdrawal or EPS withdrawal without involvement of employer itself.

Last year EPFO come up with 3 new forms to make EPF withdrawal process more easy for users. These forms are

  • Form 19 – EPF final settlement,
  • Form 10C – EPS withdrawal
  • Form 31 – EPF partial withdrawal

What is NON-UAN Based Process of EPF Withdrawal

If you h ave not linked your EPF with UAN then you have to follow the below process to withdraw money from your EPF account.

  • Employee need to fill up all the 3 forms Form 19, Form 10C & Form 31 and then submit to EPFO.
  • After your submission, EPFO will send the forms to your employer for verification.
  • Employer will also verify the details and then again send back the documents to EPFO.
  • After that the your EFP claim will be settled and money will be deposited in your bank savings account.

What is UAN Based Process of EPF Withdrawal

This is the simplest process till the launch of new EPF Composite Claim Single Form, in case you have linked your UAN & EPF account. Here is the process to claim your EPF money.

  • Just fill up all the 3 forms Form 19, Form 10C & Form 31 and then submit to EPFO.
  • As you have linked UAN with EPF, EPFO will not send the forms to employer for further verification and your claim will be settled down fast compared to non-uan based EPF claim.

Why the need of EPF Composite Claim Forms (CCF)?

Although the process of EPF claim without employer was possible with the UAN based EPF claims, but still the problem is to handle multiple forms at the same time. That’s why EPFO has come up with a single form with which one can easily withdraw money. Now the process will include Aadhaar number and that’s where things will be much more faster & simpler.

EPF Composite Claim Form Types

You can divide the new EPF claim forms in two types based on linkage with Aadhar number.

  1. EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar) : In case you UAN is linked with Aadhar number, bank details
  2. EPF Composite Claim Form (Non-Aadhar): If you have not linked your UAN with Aadhar number then you have to use this form. In this case you have to involve to your employer.

When To Use EPF Composite Claim Forms

The purpose is pretty clear when we talk about EPF forms. Whenever someone need money to withdraw for various reasons, we have to use EPF withdrawal process. Now here is the list of reasons where you can use this new EPF form and enjoy withdrawal without the involvement of your employer.

  • EPF Final Settlement
  • EPF Partial or Advance withdrawals for purposes like
  • EPS Pension Withdrawal

How To Download New Single Page EPF Composite Claim Form (Aadhar) and EPF Composite Claim form (Non-Aadhar) Online?

You can easily find both the forms on EPFO website and easily download on the same. Click here to download EPF withdrawal forms online.

Both the forms are very simple and easily to understandable. You don’t need a form filling guide to fill up the new EPF composite claim form. The key part is that you have to link your aadhaar number to UAN to claim without the involvement of employer. Otherwise you have to wait a little more time to get your EPF money in your bank account. Read the forms carefully and then fill them up to avoid EPF withdrawal rejection. I will be sharing more useful guide & news about EPFO in my upcoming shares. Please subscribe to get regular updates.


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