Top 5 Home Based Small Business Ideas for Moms & Housewives

Planning to start your own business? Are you a working mom want to settle with your home business to manage your family & personal life? Are you a housewife who is trying to utilize her free time to make money from home? Then the best thing to do is exploring the best home based small business ideas and kick start your business from home itself.

Personally I always believe that women are the best persons to manage multiple things together as they have various responsibilities in our social structure and at the same time common human aspirations. In fact women are creative in nature also and they can easily convert our basic needs into business if they really want to do. In this article, I will share some home business ideas which I believe a woman can easily start and take it to the next level of success.

Best Home Based Small Business Ideas for Moms & Housewives

Before proceeding further, I would like to share about my wife Manidipa who has finally taken the step of running her own content marketing & blogging business from home. This step has not only given her the freedom of doing something on her own, but also has helped to manage her responsibilities & personal aspirations perfectly.

Anyway, here are few examples of such small business opportunities which every women or moms or a housewives can start easily and manage from their house itself.

Start a Daycare Business from Home

You might be staying in a society where many couples are working full time and struggling to manage their kids at home. Even though both are not working, these days every parent is looking for places where they can put their kids to spend some quality time, mingle with other kids and learn things fast. And a day care center or a kindergarten is the best place to deliver this requirement. If you have a big house or flat, then you can easily start a day care center at home and take care of the kids in your society. I have seen this business model is working like a hot cake in almost all upcoming cities in India.

Start Selling Home Made Food, Baked Items

The best quality of many women is their cooking skill and I am sure very few of them are getting enough appreciation for that job. If you really think that you have some unique cooking skills like baking, preparing biryani, tasty snacks etc. you can easily start your home based food business. Even if you don’t know how to prepare something unique, then also you can start a meal service or tiffin service where you can prepare ‘ghar ka khana’. Now a days there are many bachelors staying out of home for job purpose and looking for home like food. The demand of home made food is growing in all major cities of India due to high traffic of new people for job search.

Start an Online Training/ Tutoring Business

This is another awesome business idea one can easily start from home itself. You just need a laptop with a good internet connection and off-course a place at home to execute the training peacefully. Personally I have provided online training to few students and made some extra money online few years back. But again it was not continued much as I was not able to manage my time beyond the hectic schedule of job. I know few of my friends who already left their full time high salary job and started their own training institute and they are doing awesome. If you are from a well technology or subject back ground then you can easily teach people online and make money.

In fact you can teach local students also in your locality and make good money. Education niche is one of the most profitable sector in our country and every parent is spending money like anything. If you have good command over any subject in school or have good knowledge in multiple subjects, you can easily attract many students in your society.

Become a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Web Designer, Freelancer

Now this is the part where I can link my experience of making money online beside working as a full-time professional. Due to the evolution of internet, now anyone can connect to the entire world. So if you can start something online you will get the maximum audience to showcase the same. E.g. you can start a blog and make money through advertising, writing sponsored reviews, do affiliate marketing, provide some freelance services, become content writer for other blogs etc. You can provide various services like SEO, web designing, hosting service, brand promotion, digital marketing etc.

Be careful about the online money making programs or get rich quick schemes where you may find with the investment of some money you can become rich etc etc. Remember one thing, making money is not that easy, if that is, then I would not have been writing here. 🙂 There are many scams online and you need to be careful.

Start a Party Planning / Event Planning Business

I have seen women are very much passionate to organize various home functions or events like birthday parties, wedding, family functions, pujas etc. Why don’t you make it large by providing professional services to organize various society events? Event making has become a proven business model already and as a housewife one can leverage best of your time and get popularity in society in no time. To get motivated, I will say just the movie Band Baja Barat and many such movies or you can read many such successful stories of successful people in many online sources.

So, do you find this article useful and able to decide which business you are capable to start from home? I will also share various other home business ideas which anyone can start by putting a low investment. If you are planning to start a home based business and looking for suggestion, then I think you can write a comment below and we can take this discussion further with the help of our readers as well. Thanks for sharing this article with your friends.


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