Are you all set to vroom in your new car? Planning to visit a car dealership showroom? If yes, its time to be acquainted with some effective tips to negotiate car price at a dealership showroom.

If you are a beginner, you may not even know that you can actually negotiate the price of a car – be it a used car or a new car. When you enter a lavish showroom, you meet well-dressed, sweet-toned sales personnel, who try to lure you in every possible situation.

Getting overwhelmed by them, you often think that whatever price is suggested by the salesman is actually worth it. However, the behind-the-scenes story is very different. They actually try to make the most profit from your purchase.

So, be prepared to negotiate, and here’s how –

Insurance Schemes

Most of the dealerships will offer you Re. 1 car insurance schemes, which are known to be the best money-saving schemes when purchasing a car. Hence, do not forget to ask for such schemes. Having said that, it must be noted that these schemes can be heavy on your pocket due to higher premiums. However, if you ask the dealer about offering you a discount on the insurance premium, it will help.

Use The Power Of The Month’s Last Day

Car dealers and salesman often have a set monthly target to sell a specific number of cars. Hence, by the end of the month, they are under so much pressure that if you make a deal on the last day of the month, it might close as per your expectations. This is just because the salesmen are in a hurry to hit their targets or get somewhat closer to their monthly targets.

Watch Out For Less Popular Colour

This tip is workable for you, only if you are not specific or cautious about the color of the car. Most of the popular color variants get sold out quickly. Hence, the stockyard with a car dealer is left is less popular colors. So, you have an opportunity to ask for a whopping discount on such color variants. If you are really good in your negotiation skills, you will definitely grab a fab deal on the car purchase. 

Do Not Go For Extended Warranty

In the attempt to lure you, the car dealers may try to divert your attention towards extended warranty. Although, it is not a bad choice to go for, yet if you are looking to save a few bucks in your pocket, it is ideal to avoid it. Also, when most of the cars are available with one or two years warranty period, then there is clearly no need for keeping extended warranty as an option.

Look For Different Insurance Policies

The car insurance policies recommended to you by the dealerships are often the ones in which they make a profit. Hence, you should check out other options as well and choose the one that has a lesser premium for more coverage.

So, before hitting the dealership showroom, do equip yourself with these amazing tips.