LIC Maturity Claim Form Download & Form Filling Guide

Want to know about lic maturity claim process, how to fill lic maturity form, lic discharge voucher, lic maturity claim neft form etc? In this article I will be sharing the step by step process to download the lic maturity claim form online, lic maturity claim letter format with form filling guide in Hindi / English.

First of all, you should know that LIC will intimate you about the policy maturity before 2 months of the actual policy maturity date. Generally, LIC polices are giving a decent guaranteed return on maturity besides providing life insurance through out the policy term. You will get the notification from your nearest lic service branch only. In case you did not get any such notice, then you should contact your branch and ask for the same.

Downloan LIC Maturity Claim Forms Online

You have to download both the forms mentioned below and then visit to your nearest LIC service branch and ask for how to fill up the maturity claim forms and get the lic policy maturity money in your bank account.

Maturity Claims Form:

Click here to download Form No. 3825 (PDF Format)

Survival Benefit Claims forms:

Click here to download Form No.5180 (PDF Format)

Documents required while filing LIC maturity Claim forms online

Please submit your Discharged Receipt in Form No.3825 with original policy document at least one month before the due date so that the payment is received before the due date of maturity claim.

If you have not received any intimation for your claim due in the next two months, please contact the servicing Branch immediately.

LIC Maturity Claim Form Filling Guide

You can easily use the links shared above and download both the forms. Its clearly mentioned in English & Hindi about what information to provide. Generally you have to share few basic information like

Policy Number
Your Name
Mobile Number
Sum Assured Value / Paid Up Value
Vested Bonus Alloted
Interim Bonus’
Terminal Bonus
Final Additional Bonus
Unpaid Installments of Premium date
Late Payment Fee
Loan against LIC policy
Any Interest
Net Claim Amount
Complete address
Signature of Witness

One can easily read and fill these forms carefully. But if you are not confident enough, I think your lic agent will easily do this work for you. In fact in many cases I have seen agents are only collecting the signature of the policy holder and bank account details in case of NEFT transfer. Or else after submitting the claim, your agent will provide the policy maturity value cheque to you. It’s always better to take help from LIC officials after visiting the nearest LIC service branch and the file the application. Have you ever experience claiming maturity value of lic policy? Would you like to share your experience if any to help our readers by writing a simple comment?


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