How to link Aadhaar to LIC Policies Online Or Offline

Have you linked your Aadhaar with Lic policies yet? You might have received regular sms or calls from various sources to link your Aadhaar with your insurance policies. If you have not yet received such calls, then let me tell you that as per the latest circular from IRDA (8th November 2017), it is now mandatory to link aadhaar with insurance policies also.

Although there is still no deadline set by IRDA for this activity. But as per your comfort you can link LIC policies with aadhaar anytime. Before proceeding further, you might be interested to have a look at the IRDA circular snapshot with the important points to note. After that I will go further to explain spets to link aadhaar with LIC policies online or offline.

Central Government vide gazette notification dated 1st June 2017 notified the Prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017 making Aaadhar and PAN/Form 60 mandatory for availing financial services including insurance and also for linking the existing policies with the same. 

The Authority clarifies that linkage of Aadhaar number to insurance Policies is mandatory for the prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules,2017

These Rules have statutory force and, as such, Life and General insurers (including Standalone Health insurers) have to implement them without awaiting further instructions.

How To Link Aadhaar Number with LIC Policy online

Generally many people thought insurance as LIC policies only. Although now a days due to lot of awareness people started getting that there are several insurance companies and they have huge list of products.

But still I think people prefer to go with LIC of India insurance policies only and the reason is very simple. They are the most trusted insurance company in India and their products are giving decent returns as well in long run. Although, I think people should think twice before buying an insurance policy thinking as an investment product.

Anyway, let;s come back into the main discussion point here and that is the process of linking your aadhaar number with your lic policy or policies in case you have multiple policy in your name or your family member’s name.

Step 1: First of all you should know from where you can do this activity online. So follow the LInk Here to open the Link Aadhaar Number and PAN With Your Policy page. You will find a deadline mentioned in the bracket like (As per Government directives it is mandatory to link by 31st December, 2017). But I think we have to wait for the actual declaration from Govt of India about these deadlines.

Step 2: Anyway, after landing into that page you simply have to enter the details very carefully without any mistake. The details you have to provide are as follows

  • Full Name As Per Aadhaar
  • Date Of Birth
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Gender
  • Email Id
  • PAN
  • Mobile Number As Per Aadhaar
  • Policy Number

Step 3: If you have multiple LIC policy, then I think you have to Link the policies one by one as you can clearly see that the Policy Number field can accept only one policy at a time. Anyway, provide the mobile number carefully as you will get the Aadhaar verification OPT in this only. If you have not linked your aadhar with your mobile number, then you can link your mobile number with aadhaar first and then do this step.

Step 4: After successful submission of form, you will get an OTP to link your aadhaar and then you have to verify the details providing the OTP on the screen. On successful aadhaar OTP verification, you will finally see the success message that your details submitted successfully and the complete verification process may take some days to get reflected.

So, it is as simple as that. Just you should know through which link you can do that and I have mentioned the same in the first step. Keep a note of bookmark the same link in case you want to do the linking later.

Can I link aadhaar with lic policy offline also?

So, if you are not comfortable linking aadhaar with LIC policy online or you may not have proper internet connection or you may not have registered yet your lic policy online (anyway registration is not required here), then there is no such way to link LIC policy with aadhaar.

Means, generally there should have been an offline form or Link aadhaar form to download and then fill up later on. Which can be further uploaded and complete this process. But so far, this process is not in place. But may be you can contact your LIC of India branches nearby as they may have some form to finish this task. If not today, then I am sure in coming days you can find an offline way of linking your LIC policy with aadhaar as well.

I think this process could be handy alternative for them as well, who are not able to link aadhaar online with their policy due to some error. In case there is a problem with your aadhaar & mobile linking, that you have to fix first.

Some Quick Facts & FAQs to Understand Aadhaar Linking To LIC Policy Process

Here I have collected few FAQs and also some facts or your can say some tips to make this linking process smooth.

  1. If you are buying a new policy from LIC, then the best time to Link your aadhaar with insurance policy is now only. Just provide the details with the policy application form and link at the beginning itself.
  2. In case you have bought a joint lic policy, then I think linking with first policyholders aadhaar is enough. But better to call LIC customer care or visit your nearest Branch and ask the same.
  3. If you have bought LIC Children policy for your kid, then you can link that policy also with your aadhaar details. But in case you have issued aadhaar for your kids as well, then you provide the same if the linking mobile number is working to get OTP. Generally we provide any of the parent number only, and that will be absolutely fine.
  4. This linking to insurance policy rule is not only for lic policies. You have link your aadhaar with any type of insurance like car insurance, house insurance, bike insurance, term plans, ULIPs etc.
  5. In case you are NRI, then so far you are exempted from linking Aadhaar to Life Insurance.
  6. There is a LIC help page which is very much handy. You can visit the link here and provide your details and get assistance from LIC of India.

So, this is all the information I could find about linking aadhaar with LIC policy. I hope there will much more information and questions to be added here from various experiences. I would request you to write a comment here and share your suggestions, correction or anything that will value to this article and help others to understand the process.


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