How To Make Donation Through SBI Net Banking Account

Looking for the ways to donate to charity for free? Want to know how to make donation to charity club online? Then let tell you that you can easily donate money to any kind of charitable trust, NGO, Temple trust, Sai Baba or wherever with the help of your SBI net banking account. If you have SBI savings account and you have activated net banking facilities, then you can easily follow this short tutorial and donate a small amount to get piece of mind. Donating for any purpose will definitely help you to gain some inner piece.

Most of the time in our busy life we were just thinking to contribute to our society or our personal development or spiritual side of us. But due to hectic lifestyle we mostly fail to keep these promises. In that case one can easily keep donating money to NGOs who are helping our society, donate to any Temple trust for spiritual or regional belief so that you can get inner mental piece etc. In this article I will tell where you can donate also.

Personally, I have donated money to Nepal Earth Quack fund raiser few years back and it was an amount of Rs 5000. I felt very good after that as I was also able to contribute a little amount to help the needy people of Nepal Earth quack victim. Anyway, let’s continue to this topic.

Process To Donate Money Online Through SBI Internet Banking

First of all, you have to login to your SBI net banking account with t he SBI online banking ID & password.

Next visit to the Payment / Transfer option page. There you will find an option “Make Donation”. Click on the same. On the next page, you will find a screen like below.

Steps To Make Donation Through SBI Internet Banking Online

It’s pretty understandable. You can easily choose to whom you want to make some donation. By default your linked SBI savings account will be displayed with available balance.

Few of the options are like Prime Minister National Relief Fund, National Defense Fund, Chief Minister Bihar Flood Relief, Shree Tara Devi Temple Trust, Shree Hanuman Temple Trust, Shri badrinath Shrine Donation etc. Choose the one you are looking for and provide all other necessary details.

These details will be yours, so that the trust can identify who has made the donation. After that you have to click on the Submit button to proceed with the execution of the transaction.

You should know first about the maximum limit of donation if any. Some time there are certain income tax exemptions also linked with some donation, which you should know to make sure you are not missing any kind of benefit if any. So, did you ever made any donation to any trust or club for the cause society or religion or country or anything through SBI net banking? If so, share your story here by writing a simple comment below.


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