How To Open PPF Account in ICICI Bank

Want to open PPF account in India’s one of the leading private sector bank? Yes, ICICI bank is one of the popular banks in India and if you are planning to open your PPF account to save money for long term then this article will help you to disclose various facts like ICICI PPF interest rates, process of account opening etc.

  • Documents required to open ICICI Bank PPF Account
  • ICICI Bank PPF account opening form
  • ICICI Bank PPF account rules and guidelines
  • Eligibility criteria to avail ICICI Bank PPF scheme
  • ICICI Bank PPF account features and benefits
  • Loans and withdrawals against ICICI Bank PPF account
  • Interest rate on ICICI Bank PPF scheme – 8.5%
  • ICICI Bank PPF Calculator
  • How to deposit money in your ICICI Bank PPF Account Online using ICICI Bank Netbanking service
  • How to transfer your PPF account from post office to ICICI Bank

The rate of interest for PPF account is same in any bank and it is decided every year by EPFO. As per the trend in last couple of years, its i clear that the interest rate is getting down day by day. But still PPF is the best savings scheme under the basket of small deposit schemes.

Basically people who are looking for guaranteed return with less risk on investment find PPF as best investment options in India. If you have a ICICI Bank savings account then this will be an easy task, otherwise you h ave to open a Savings account with ICICI bank first and with that you can apply for PPF account in ICICI Bank also as per their official page.

Documents required to open PPF Account in ICICI Bank

ICICI bank is well known for their customers support and the relationship they maintain. And according to that they have divided various kinds of documents that need to be furnished while applying for PPF account in ICICI Bank onilne.

For ICICI customers who have a banking relationship with ICICI for less than 5 years

  • Form A for PPF opening
  • Passport size photograph
  • Copy of PAN card

For ICICI customers who have a banking relationship with ICICI for more than 5 years

  • Form A for PPF opening
  • Passport size photograph
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Proof of residence – Passport or Electricity Bill

Steps To open PPF Account in ICICI Bank

The process is quite simple, but you have to visit ICICI bank branch to file the form. Although ICICI bank has some massive facilities like one can open a bank account from home without visiting the ICICI branch also. but in this case you have to visit to the branch. Here is the step by step guide to follow to open a PPF account in ICICI Bank.

You have to visit ICICI PPF page where you will find clear details about the process of PPF account opening.

Existing customers can download the application form online and star filling the form with 100% accurate information without any mistake.

For new customer, ICICI bank will open the apply a savings account in ICICI bank and with that a PPF account also.

Provide the necessary documents while visiting to your nearest ICICI bank branch and then submit them to bank.

Bank will process your application and then open your savings account & PPF account both. They will also link them together with your ICICI bank customer ID so that you can keep a track of the same from a single ICICI bank net banking access.

PPF account with ICICI Bank offers you benefits such as

  • Transfer funds online option from linked Savings Bank Account
  • Standing Instruction facility to ensure regular investment
  • Viewing your PPF Account statement online

So, if you are planning to go to your nearest ICICI bank branch to open PPF account, then you should read the complete details of ICICI Bank PPF account opening rules and terms by visiting the link here. For any latest PPF rule change or any interest rate change, simply follow the official website for updated information. Share your experience or feedback here by writing a simple comment below.


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