How to Open Public Provident Fund / PPF Account in Post Office

Steps To Open Public Provident Fund Account in Post OfficeI have already shared a detailed article on Public Provident Fund Account where I have shared various common questions with their answers to help people to understand various benefits and rules of PPF account. In this article I will share the basic step by step guide to open a PPF account in post office. Although the features of PPF account in post office & PPF account is bank is same only, but the application form and money deposit features may different only.

Documents needed for Opening PPF account in Post Office

The list of necessary documents are very common and these days require to open almost any kind of account in India. Remember to do the KYC process as its mandatory open any kind of transaction account. Anyway, here is the list of documents which you should carry while visiting your nearest post office to open PPF account.

  • 2 latest passport size photograph
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID Card, Passport, Aadhaar etc)
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar, Ration Card, Latest Electricity Bill etc)
  • PAN Card
  • KYC form fill up properly

Also carry all the original documents while visiting to post office. Executive may ask you to show the originals for the verification purpose and carry multiple copies of the original documents.

Latest Interest Rate of PPF Account in Post Office 2017

From 1.10.2016, interest rates are as follows:- 8.0% per annum (compounded yearly).

Type of Account Minimum Amount for Opening Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit
Public Provident Fund(Individual account on his behalf or on behalf of minor of whom he is the guardian) INR 100/- INR. 500/- in a financial year INR. 1,50,000/- in a financial year

Process of Opening PPF Account in Post Office

The process of opening PPF account in post office or PPF account in bank is almost same only. In case of bank you may get little extra benefit like opening PPF account online, online fund transfer in PPF account etc. let’s follow the step by step guide to open post office Public Provident Fund account.

Step 1: First of all you have to find out the nearest post office in your locality. Make sure they have the facility to open PPF account. Other wise you have to go to next post office with CBS facility or head post office of your area.

Step 2: You can either download the PPF account opening from post office website or you can collect the same from post office itself. In case you want to download PPF account opening application form for banks, then you can find it easily on our website.

Step 3: Fill up the application form with proper personal details, PAN number details, minor details in case opening PPF account for minors etc.

Step 4: Provide the necessary documents with the application form like PAN card copy, address proof copy, identity proof copy, passport size photographs etc. In case of minor’s account make sure you carry your kids photo. Refer to the above section to find out the valid list of documents required.

Step 5: Finally submit the application form and list of documents to the post office executive. Also carry the original documents for verification purpose. After proper validation, post office executive will open your account and provide you a passbook for PPF account. You also have to deposit the minimum deposit amount by filling up the pay-in slip in post office.

Should I open PPF account in Post office?

Yes, one should open PPF account as early as possible as this is one of the best debt investment option in India to create wealth in long term. Another benefit is that the interest earned on maturity is 100% tax free and the huge lock-in period of 15 year will make sure your money will get enough time to grow. The interest earned is compounded basis which is maximum return on investment. The only problem with post office you may face is regarding payment of amount via online way. But I think the best way to invest in PPF account is by putting a lump-sum amount in the beginning of every financial year before 5th of April to start getting complete interest of year. In case you have enough money to put, then you can exhaust the entire limit of 1.5 lakh and enjoy tax benefit under section 80C with one investment only.


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  1. Almost everyone is aware more or less about benefits of public provident fund (PPF). If we compare PPF account with fixed deposit we can see some striking difference. In general, the interest earned on fixed deposit is higher as compared to PPF interest rate, but one should also notice that, interest earned on PPF is tax exempted where as the interest earned on fixed deposit is subjected to taxation. Therefore, one must look at the net calculative gain.