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MoneyGyaan is a personally run website started with the idea to educate people about money, financial life, insurance & investment. Due to lack of knowledge about financial products and how they actually work, many people are cheated every year by mis-selling of wrong products. E.g. in the name of income tax saving mostly people prefer to buy insurance plans and they are expecting a return from a life insurance.

Man Behind This Blog

I am Santanu Debnath, a common man like you only. I am an IT professional working for an MNC and a DIY investor. I have learned many facts about investments and money management from my own personal experiences, from my financial mistakes and most importantly from my friends & peer groups.

Personally, I am a fun loving family guy interested to read various articles & blogs on topics like investments, income tax saving, insurance reviews, make money online, home business ideas, technology etc. I am a passionate driver too and love to go for long drives whenever I get an opportunity on my Honda Brio with my family.


In my 10 years of professional career, I have seen many people who are making 6 figure income every month but not able to live a satisfied life in terms of investments and financial planning. Gradually I have realized our entire society is lacking the very basic knowledge about how to invest, where to invest, why to buy insurance, difference between insurance & investment, how to calculate return on investment and various similar concepts which are actually necessary to grow your money to achieve your financial goals.

Then I have started sharing my experiences and knowledge about this area in my first blog and which has received very good response. You can find various life hacks and how to guide to make your life smoother. But I was feeling like creating a separate zone where I can share & discuss only about money related staffs. That's why was born on 30th June 2016.

Am I providing any service through this website?

My purpose is to share my learnings and experiences through the power of blogging. I am a passionate blogger and want to use & make this platform a open discussion forum where readers can connect with me & I can share various issues & experiences. So, everything is free here. :)

Am I doing any charity here?

Absolutely no. I am always trying to be honest on this platform and started this blog to generate a passive income option. As a blogger, I am trying to build this website popular and bring quality traffic by writing problem solving articles for people.

Right now the income from this blog is via Google Adsense program, which is very minimal. But the amount is enough to pay my hosting bills and other expenses related run this website.

Launched MoneyGyaan YouTube Channel

Recently I have started a YouTube channel to spread about various information on money management, personal finance knowledge and how to guides. You can visit the link below and subscribe to channel. I will stress more on describing things on Hindi to help people to understand personal finance in Hindi.

Subscribe MoneyGyaan YouTube Channel

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