Did you miss your Lic policy premium due date? Are you worrying about paying penalties due to non-payment of premium within the due date? Then this article will help you to pay your lic policy premium even after you missed the premium due date.

There is a grace period even if you miss the premium due date and that period is depending up on the types of premium payment mode. The grace period for policies where the premium payment mode is quarterly, half-yearly or yearly is 30 days and 15 days when it is monthly.

Why You Should Pay LIC Premium Online Even After Due Date

In case you don’t even pay your policy premium even after due date but within grace period, your policy will be lapsed. A lapsed insurance policy will not provide you any insurance coverage and that means the value of your policy is zero.

So, if you want to get your policy benefits continued then you have to pay the policy premiums on time and even if you missed the due date pay by the grace period to avoid policy lapse. Otherwise, if you are planning to surrender your lic policy or don’t want to continue to pay the future premiums then its different.

Steps to Pay LIC Premium Online After Due Date

Well the process of Paying LIC Premium Online After Due Date is similar to paying premium online through LIC of India official website only. Follow the step by step guide below.

  • First of all you have to login to your LIC of India official website with the userid & password you have created. If not yet registered, then you can follow the previous guide about hwo to register your lic policy online.
  • Next, check out the policy premium payment calendar area and you will find information about the policies with missed due dates.
  • Now check out the details and make sure you have not crossed the grace period as per policy premium payment schedule.
  • Next, click on pay now option and choose form various online payment ways like through bill desk service, net banking, through credit card or debit card etc and complete the payment.
  • You have to pay a nominal penalty charges as you have missed the due date prescribed by LIC for a late premium payment could apply.

What if I need help using the BillDesk service?

BillDesk offers help in a variety of ways. Throughout the Customer Support Center, we provide helpful tips to eliminate possible sources of confusion. Contact Support by sending an e-mail to support@billdesk.com. Or call us at:

  • Mumbai – 56920001
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  • Pune – 4017272
  • Ahmedabad – 6579791
  • Bangalore – 5585557
  • Chennai – 52105566
  • Kolkata – 2428216
  • Hyderabad – 55335135
  • Chandigarh – 378837
  • Bhopal – 5250000

to speak to a Customer Support Representative.

So, did you ever miss your lic policy premium due date? Personally I have missed couple of times but it was within grace period. So, I was able to pay with some extra penalty and able to continue my policy with the 100% life cover benefits. Would you like to share your experience of paying lic policy premium after due date by writing a simple comment below.