Are you finding it difficult to move to GST and manage your small business? Then your wait is over as Reliance Jio has come up with a new Jio GST starter pack with which every small business can welcome GST without engaging in any complex software application.

Jio GST is a mobile first GST solution mainly for small retailer of our country with which they can easily calculate their taxation and generate invoice without any hassle.

What is Jio GST Starter Kit?

India is moving towards One Tax nation and that is only possible with the launch of GST. Now no need to pay multiple taxes on any goods & services. With JioGST, now the work will be much easier.

The next big thing from Jio is a new product JioGST. JioGST is India’s first “mobile first” solutions for the merchants.

If you are running a small business of size from 20 – 70 lakhs, you can use this JioGST kit for 1 year by paying a nominal price of Rs 1999 only. JioGST offers merchants Starter kit available a Jio stores and official website.

JioGST Starter Kit Review

What Is Included in JioGST Starter Kit

As part of the Rs. 1,999 Jio-GST package the company is offering the following services:

  1. JioGST Software Solution for 1 year. This is simple mobile software where you don’t have to connect a printer. Generate daily invoice of your entire product catalog.
  2. Unlimited voice calling + 24GB of data free for a 1 year with Jio-Fi
  3. A JioFi device. Not only that, you will get a door step delivery and free activation.
  4. Empanelled Professionals, Billing App and much more. Get access to thousands of other JioGST empanelled tax practioners. You can also take help from authorised person to file your return. You can also use JioChat for GST related updates and discovering new business partners and customers
  5. Exclusive offer from Reliance Digital (5% voucher with maximum RS. 2,000/- which is redeemable against a minimum purchase of Rs. 10,000/- The scheme is applicable on selected brand and products

How To Do Composition filing in just 3 easy steps Using JioGST Starter Kit

With the introduction of GST, now every businessman have to file their composition filling on quarterly or monthly basis.

Your purchase summary is auto updated from your GSTN and you can prepare your GSTR before the 18th of the next quarter or by the 10th of every month

What are the benefits of JioGST to the merchants?

As there are many questions and confusion with the launch of GST, one thing is clear that now a small businessman also need to track their business and information of taxes.

Right now, there are much expensive tax software available in the market but every small business owner can’t afford them. In such a case, JioGST Starter Kit is a lifesaver.

You just have to pay a nominal pay of Rs 1999 and buy the device from your nearest Jio Stores or website.

The merchant can generate GST billing complaint invoices from your mobile. No need of any computer or accompanied billing software

Rich features including email invoices, export to excel, periodical summary reports and many more

Why should you opt for JioGST ?

So, if you want to be the part of one tax nation, then it’s your responsibility to report your business through efficient tax software. In that context, JioGST is the perfect software which can help you to get read of all problems related to filing you daily business taxes and generate invoice with GST compliance.

  • It is an app based mobile application, with ‘2 click’ composition filing.
  • JioGST is a wireless internet device with can be carried everywhere
  • With JioGST you get a Jio-Fi device with unlimited calling and free 2GB data for 12 months
  • JioGST is a APP based billing solution that doesn’t require a printer unlike the other software available in the market
  • All of these benefits at the most affordable price of Rs. 1999/- only

When the entire country is trying to fight against corruption and remove various taxes to make it simple with GST, this Reliance Jio product JioGST starter Kit will surely help many people to run their small business smoothly.