How To Transfer Money From SBI ATM To ATM of Other Bank Account

It is very easy to transfer money to any bank or to your another SBI bank in case you have SBI net banking services activated. I am using online banking services to transfer funds online, pay bills or recharge mobile numbers anything. But do you know that you can also send money using SBI ATM to another ATM of other bank.

Although questions like how to transfer money through sbi net banking to other bank account, how to transfer money from hdfc to sbi through net banking, how to transfer money from sbi net banking to pnb account are very common and easy to answer. But I am not sure how many of you have tried the other option of transfer money from sbi to other bank account through atm. In this article, I am going to share the same topic only.

Steps To Transfer Money Uisng SBI ATMs – SBI Card to Card Transfer

The process that is going to happen here is debit card to debit card money transfer. That means you can transfer money from your SBI debit card to another DEBIT card only using the SBI ATM. Just follow the steps below to perform this activity.

  • Visit to your nearest SBI ATM first.
  • Swipe your card to the ATM and provide your SBI ATM PIN to get access to your dashboard.
  • From the options, choose “Transfer” option to proceed with money transfer.
  • In the next screen choose Card To Card Transfer option and provide your SBI Debit card number.
  • Next provide the debit card number of the bank where you are planning to transfer money.
  • Provide the amount as per the limit. generally there is a limit of Rs 15,000 per transaction and a daily limit of Rs 40,000 per day. Accordingly you can transfer money.
  • Next choose the account type as savings or current account and then proceed for the transfer.

Personally I have used this State Bank of India ATM to ATM money transfer process long back and I hope the process is also similar now. But some further corrections can be welcomed though, may be in case you have used the say way recently then you can update here by writing a simple comment below to highlight the changes in this process.

Although I preferred sbi net banking service while transfer money. So in case you have not yet done you sbi net banking activation then I will say make things easy for you by completing SBI net banking registration online. Thanks for following our updates regularly.


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