SBI life smart privilege plan is a typical ULIP or unit linked insurance plan from SBI Life. This is a non-participated plan with various benefits among which life insurance coverage and good return on investment is the key highlight. As per the basic rules of ULIP plan, one can get advantage of stock market as the premium paid will be invested in various funds opted by SBI Life to get better return in long term.

In this article, I will be sharing various information like key features, sbi smart privilege reviews, sbi life smart privilege brochure, various policy details one should know, sbi life smart privilege nav details, sbi smart privilege calculator to find out the desired premium etc at one place.

SBI life smart privilege plan – Features & benefits

Under sbi life smart privilege plan, one can get multiple switches to do between 8 different funds. You can also go for premium redirection with loyalty additions to boost the funds value in long run to get maximum return from investment.  Let’s explore the key highlights of this policy.

  • One can opt for various type of premium payment option like throughout the policy tenure or short term premium payment or single premium.
  • There are 8 different types of funds to invest including 2 new type of funds Pure fund & Midcap fund
  • There is no policy administration charges, no premium allocation charges from 6th policy year onwards
  • Loyalty Additions starting as early as 6th policy year onwards for in-force policies
  • Get free switches among all 8 funds and also partial withdrawal facility from 6th policy year onward
  • On completion of policy term, you will get the fund value as maturity value
  • In case of death of policy holder, Higher of Fund Value or Sum Assured is payable; with a minimum of 105% of total premiums paid till the date of intimation of death as death benefit.
  • You will get the income tax exemption under section 80C as per the income tax rules.

Eligibility criteria of sbi life smart privilege plan

Age# at Entry Minimum:
8 years for Regular/Limited premium policies
13 years for Single premium policies
Maximum: 55 years
Age at Maturity
Minimum: 18 years Maximum: 70 years
Policy Term## 10 to 30 yrs (both inclusive) for Regular / Limited premium policies
5 to 30 yrs (both inclusive) for Single premium policies
Premium Payment Term Regular Premium (RP) – Same as policy term
Limited Premium Paying Term (LPPT) –

Minimum: 5 years Maximum: Policy term less 1 year

Single Premium (SP) – One-time payment at policy inception


Regular/Limited Premium Amount (In multiples of Rs. 100)
Minimum Maximum
Rs 600,000
Rs 300,000
Rs 150,000
Rs 50,000
No Limit
Single Premium Amount (In multiples of Rs. 100)
Minimum: Rs  600,000 Maximum: No Limit
Premium Modes Single /Yearly/Half-yearly/Quarterly/ Monthly###
Sum Assured For Regular / Limited Premium-
For all Ages: Higher of 10 x Annualized Premium (AP) or (Policy term x 0.5 x AP)For Single Premium (SP) –
For Ages below 45 years: 1.25 x SP

For Ages more than or equal to 45 years:

Minimum: 1.10 x SP Maximum: 1.25 x SP

How to buy sbi life smart privilege plan Online

First of all this is not a online ulip plan from SBI life that means you can’t buy this policy online. You have to contact SBI life branches or ask any of the SBI life agents to contact you with the policy purchase documents or application forms. Here is the step by step guide to buy this policy.

  • First of all visit the link to know everything about this policy.
  • Click on the Ask for visit link so that an insurance advisor can contact you and you can proceed with the insurance policy purchase.
  • Fill up the details and submit the form online.
  • You will get a call from SBI life insurance advisor and on agreement he/she may visit your place with necessary application forma nd documents to help you to buy sbi life smart privilege plan.

You can share your feedback or any details about this ULIP plan from SBI life by writing a simple comment below so that our reader can be benefited before investing in the same. ULIP plans are always good in long run, but the return is not that much high. If you are looking for moderate return without much risk, then you can opt for such plans. But remember that in short term ULIP plans can be very costly due to various charges on ULIP plans.