How to Start a Business With Zero Investment in India

Do you have a plan to start a business 2017, but due to financial problem not able to start a business? Then this is the best place as I will be sharing some cool ideas to Start a Business With Zero Investment and make good profit working from home only.

Having to start a business with zero investment is a different thing and starting it at a low cost budget is a different thing. However, while the latter is rather easy, the former is often considered to be a task. If you are among those people who are considering to start a business with zero investment, and looking out for options, here we have feasible options for you!

So, people are looking various queries online to find out the related help and I think if you are looking for any one of them then this article will help you to understand the topic in a better way and help you tot start a business with zero investment.

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Top 5 Best zero investment business ideas 2017 in India

Well, here is the list of business which one can start without any investment and not only that, you can work from home also.

Start a freelance business

Starting out as a freelancer (with whatever you are good at) on an individual level or with a team is a nice idea for starters. If you have a laptop or a PC you can begin with data work or writing and editing; if you are good at designing you can as well turn a designer on a project basis, or of course, a photographer if you have a DSLR. For starters it has no investments, and as and how you grow, you can develop your freelance work into a full-time job with employees under you or a team with you.

Provide consulting services

Believe it or not, people do pay for consultation, and they do it happily. However, you do have to have a niche for yourself for people to come to you willingly. It has to be such that you do excel in whatever field you choose, and if it includes something to do with stats, or with numbers or with similar such stuff, you’ve got to be thorough with it. Something as basic as counseling or psychology needs you to have excel in the field in particular in order to help guide the people.

Give online training using Skype, Go To Meeting, Webex

Though not a business, Teaching is ideally the beginning of your business even if you wish to go into a different field later on. Teaching does have good money, and while teaching, you can also work on your main business side by side. Also, if you are spreading the knowledge you have, you sure do know you are on the right track. In addition to that, if you start off as an individual teacher, you can, later on, have a team of teachers running some Center for tuition while you continue with your business (if any).

Selling products online from home through Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon etc

Not everyone can make an Amazon or a Flipkart for themselves. However, internet being such a convenient place to go to, there are enormous ways by which you can start a business and later on, invest into it to further expand the same. For starters, you can simply begin posting images of things you bought for yourself (Without having used them) and after having checked the response, you can then start with this full fledged.

Promotion brand for money through advertising

This could sound a little vague, but there are ad agencies which shell out millions of money in simply being able to reach out to the people. If you can put your minds to work and give ideas for people to spread the word, help them earn from sale or through promotions, you can earn a lot of money and later on have a firm of your own for the same!

Steps To Start a Business With Zero Investment

Well, I would say that there is really any business which you can start without any investment. E.g. even if you are doing things online, you have to pay for your internet bills.

So, besides that if you don’t want to spend a single penny for setting up your business, then you have to find out the business idea first which actually doesn’t need any set up or establishment cost.

The business ideas I have shared above are like them. E.g. if you want to start providing online teaching service, then you can easily create a Free blog or website and share your service. Then promote the same in free classified sites in India as per your location. Here you are only spending your time, no money for website creation, advertising. Even while giving training you can use free software like skype, Go To Meeting, Webex etc to share your screen & voice. Now I think the title of this article Start a Business With Zero Investment is justified. 🙂


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