What are the Business ideas without investment in 2017? I am reading many similar queries in various question answer forum related to business. It is obvious also, as many people are aspiring to start a business, but they are not confident in investing money for business.

So, they search for business opportunities  where no investment required. This scenario is mostly true for freelancing or online business. Anyway, I am sure if you are looking for the answer of any of the questions below, you will find it here.

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Best Business Ideas Without Investment 2017

There are chances that you wish to start your own business but have little or no money to invest in. not being too specific with your startup, and rather starting with little or no investment is always the smarter idea. So if you are among those people looking out for ideas for your business without investment, here are the top 5 ideas:

Become a re-seller

Reselling is always a smart thing to do for starters, when you don’t have to invest in anything and neither do you have to make/manufacture anything. Becoming a reseller makes you a middleman of sorts, where you are getting the goods at discounted rates and earning a certain amount of profit in the same.

Selling your services Online

Here is one zero investment business plan, where you have to simply sell your services which could range from anything to babysitting or consultancy. Begin with a name and company of yours, and gradually create a brand name for yourself. It is also a nice idea to have a website where you can draw the attention of possible clients.

Create products & Sell online

If you are a skilled painter, or good at any other art form, you can as well create stuff out of it and begin selling them with the use of social media or other ways. The creation will definitely have some basic cost in the beginning, however, on sale, you will indeed have greater returns than the initial costs.

Start Blogging career in 2017

In current day, blogging can grow to different heights all together for the simple reason that there is so much to do in here. For starters, you will have to have that determination, the patience and of course an immense amount of commitment to be able to make it big into blogging.

Blogging has various aspects to it, one of them being creating a team of writers and being able to take bulk projects where you as the work giver earn a specific amount of money. However, if you are the only writer, you can as well get it done with constant efforts and application of the correct SEO tools.

Start a Recruitment firm in 2017 from Home

This is going to be one of the best things to start off with in todays date because of the highly increasing unemployment trends in the market. You can either own a small office and your contacts with big as well as small firms can come to use; or, you can as well start it off at an individual level if you or someone you know as some major contacts in the industry.

Now that was about our list of business to start off with at zero or very little investment. It is after all with an idea that any business starts. But if you do know what that business has to be, you can definitely make it big with more than just an idea. We hope you have your business set right! Happy working! Do you have any business ideas in 2017 which you can start without any investment?


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